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social media beginners

June 20, 2014
It wasn't so long ago that social media was a completely new thing. Four years ago, many people didn’t know what social media was let alone the effect it would have on all of our lives. It was an exciting interactive medium which suddenly took the world by storm.
June 01, 2014
Whether for business or personal reasons, writing and blogging are important skills to have. In most professions, you will need to use your writing skills at one point or another, so how do you find inspiration? In my opinion, all businesses should have their own corporate blog.
July 25, 2013
Whether you choose to tweet and manage your account from the native Twitter page, or one of the other free or paid-for clients is up to you. Your choice will depend on how busy your account is; what reporting and analysis needs you have; what devices you are tweeting from; who else will be sharing the account with you – and your budget!
February 18, 2012
There comes a time in life when you must acknowledge social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are all here to stay. Yes, the social network platforms may change. Facebook will eventually become the Myspace of yesterday. However, one thing is certain, social media, mobile phones, iPad evolution and...
November 15, 2011
While most of us in this field have some type of marketing and business background, it is rare to find anyone who has actually studied “Social Media” in school in the conventional sense of the word. Most of us have learned or are learning how to navigate this crazy, ever-changing, moving at the speed of light world of social media on a “trial by fire” basis. As a relative newcomer to the world of social media, I wish that I had had someone to give me these 10 tips as a social media newbie