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June 14, 2017
This infographic talks about 8 ways to improve your social media marketing in 2017.
How to Be a Better Social Marketer in 2017 [Infographic]
December 11, 2016
Social media marketing requires strategic thinking and planning to be effective. Here are some key tips from contributor Nathan Mendenhall.
5 Truths About Social Media Marketing You Need to Hear | Social Media Today
December 08, 2016
How can you ensure you’re taking full advantage and are using the right social media platforms and methods to drive the best results?
How to Expand Your Audience on Social Media | Social Media Today
June 30, 2016
How much time should you be spending on social media marketing, and how should you allocate that time?
How Much Time Should You Spend on Social? | Social Media Today
October 21, 2015
Today it’s a bit trickier – there’s more competition out there than ever before and people are paying less attention to your brand’s messages. The best way to get customers to pay attention and to help your brand stand out from the crowd is to develop the right habits. Here are seven habits of highly effective social media managers:
September 01, 2015
A team at Socialcast surveyed social media managers about their daily routines and compiled their daily tasks and activities into one helpful infographic . Here we can see the typical demands of a social media marketer as well as a rough outline of how these hardworking individuals are handling the pressure. Five hours of sleep, power lunches? All for a salary, in New York at least, of about 60k.
schedule social media marketer
July 07, 2015
When I first started blogging and a supporting social media for it, I made tons of mistakes. Once I even accidentally posted a cat article to my company’s corporate Facebook page that has nothing to do with cats. The funniest thing is that this cat article got better engagement than our own “highly-targeted” content. Well, I guess cute animals always bring in lots of engagement, but that was not the kind of engagement we were looking for.
June 15, 2015
What does it take to be a great social media marketer? What kind of personality? What kind of attitude? Being a good social media marketer is a lot like being a good friend. You’ve got to listen and try to anticipate the needs of others. You need to ask questions and build relationships. You need to share the work of experts and help make connections between people who might be able to help each other.
October 20, 2014
Most of us true social media pros have little things that really make our skin crawl or make us want to jump and scream with excitement, but for various reasons, never muster a word about it. That’s about to change. Here are 10 true confessions of social media pros that we are too reluctant to say.
August 05, 2014
Facebook knows that like predecessors Google and Amazon they must expand beyond their core product offering to solidify their business for the long haul. The next big opportunity for Facebook is likely to be the Facebook Audience Network (FAN).