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July 01, 2015
Most of us use social media on a daily basis. Facebook keeps us connected to family and friends, Twitter is our go-to news resource, Instagram lets us share the photos and images we love… so do we really need a designated Social Media Day? Mashable said yes and declared the 30 th June to be the o fficial Social Media Day . With the world of social media changing all the time, here at Talkwalker we decided to look at some of the latest developments and see how they measure up against our predictions on the future of social. .
Social Media Day Reflections: 2015's Social Media Trends | Social Media Today
June 23, 2015
Today marks the tenth birth day of ‘the front page of the internet’, Reddit . The social media-via-bulletin board site has long been a source of divisive and controversial content, but it’s also built a reputation as a leader in online trends and hold many opportunities for those who go looking.
Reddit Turns 10: The History and Opportunity of The Internet’s Front Page | Social Media Today
June 22, 2015
Do you want to make social media a marketing powerhouse for your products? Of course you do. Social media is probably the single best way to promote your brand. If you do the right things, social media will let you create genuine relationships with your prospective customers – and drive massive product sales. Here are 6 secrets to help you generate huge returns from social media.
June 20, 2015
A new study has found that while more than 91% of retail brands are now active on two or more social channels, Instagram still presents a significant opportunity for many. R esearchers from Yesmail studied the social media activity of the top 50 retail brands in five categories.
New Report Highlights Retail Marketing Opportunities in Instagram | Social Media Today
June 22, 2015
Back after bankruptcy, SkyMall's recent makeover has its heart in social.
June 19, 2015
If you have a customer service department, find out what questions your customers commonly ask. Develop content that answers those questions and share it across social networks. Use Twitter search to uncover tweets about your products and company. Answer those tweets and use them for ideas of what to share on other social networks. Remember that your social media activities should have a customer focus. Share what they want and you will continue to grow your following and increase interactions.
June 18, 2015
While social media is a new medium, traditional principles for connection remain true, even in the modern age. Listening, answering questions, providing content your audience loves - these are the ways to build social community and generate great results.
Can Service Replace Marketing? A Main Street Approach to Social Engagement | Social Media Today
June 17, 2015
Getting social with your video means big gains in brand engagement. Explore the top three ways to use video in social media so your brand is making connections, getting shared and starting a dialogue.
June 12, 2015
Right now, we appear to be at something of a crossroads in marketing. While people are spending more time consuming new media, like social media and internet-originated content, many advertisers and marketers are still sticking to their traditional approaches. This was highlighted in the recent Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report for 2015, which showed that despite more people spending more time on the internet and on mobile devices, overall ad spend hasn’t caught up with this trend.
June 09, 2015
Game of Thrones is about to finish for another year, another nine months of waiting to learn the fate of our favourite heros and most-hated villains from Westeros. But why is Game of Thrones such a huge success? Are there any lessons we can take from it in a marketing sense?
What Happens Over Winter – Three Marketing Lessons from Game of Thrones | Social Media Today