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October 10, 2015
While social media marketing has become increasingly prominent, many brands - particularly small business - are still not sure how to use social media to best advantage. While it may have been the norm to spray the same content out through every social network you could early on, times have changed - this infographic highlights some key success strategies for modern SMBs.
Social Media Marketing For Your Company: Think Strategic, Not Scattered - [Infographic] | Social Media Today
October 09, 2015
Social media is a sensitive little beast, and campaigns are even more sensitive. Once you announce a series of social events and content, you’re subject to scrutiny both internal and external. Once any part of the campaign is tied directly to money the campaign becomes even more vulnerable. Use the...
Social Media Mistakes
October 03, 2015
A number of factors go into making a good impression on social media platforms . Best practices take all kinds of things into account like tone, messaging, brand consistency, analytics, and more. Depending on the size of your organization, it can be difficult, even downright impossible, for one person to handle your social media activities all alone. For many brands, you need a dedicated social media team to manage this task .
Why You Need a Social Media Team | Social Media Today
October 03, 2015
The instant gratification of a snack is undeniable, and it's no different in content marketing. Snackable content is perfect for on-the-go consumption - readers can see it, scan it and share it quickly. As social app adoption increases, so do opportunities for brands to use bite-sized content formats to feed large audiences.
Snackable Satisfaction: How to Engage Your Mobile Audience with Bite-Sized Content [Infographic] | Social Media Today
October 02, 2015
As the number of people visiting physical stores declines, retailers are looking to social media to boost awareness and, ideally, sales Here are some tips on how retail stores can capitalize on their social media audiences.
How to Get People Talking About Your Store on Social Media | Social Media Today
October 02, 2015
After writing out all the steps and goals for your social media activity, you implement your new strategy. But how can you measure the results? Read on to see what can help you determine whether your social media strategy is reaping any benefits.
5 Ways to Tell If Your Social Media Strategy is Working | Social Media Today
September 30, 2015
What is the inspiration age and why should it matter to you and your business? We answer these questions and more in episode 170 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast . Take a listen and learn what the inspiration age is as well as 8 solid strategies and tips to inspire your audience.
Welcome to the Inspiration Age - Are you Ready? | Social Media Today
September 25, 2015
The financial services industry has changed quite a bit over recent years. Technology has opened up the purchase of stocks to a far greater audience and one tactic many stock brokers have implemented is the ability to use social media. This powerful tool allows them to connect with their clients in a unique way and has helped to establish many as an authorities within their industry.
Stock Brokers can Benefit from Social Media | Social Media Today
September 23, 2015
Social media marketing is a tough discipline to master because it makes two demands of marketers that seem to contradict each other - brands need to interact with customers on a human level while acknowledging that they're really not people. One way around this is to act with sponteneity.
Balancing Planning With Spontaneity on Social Media | Social Media Today
September 23, 2015
Facebook's been quietly working on improvements to their much-discussed 'Instant Articles' and live-streaming functionalities and are now looking to push them a bit harder, with a view to generating more interest and take up.
Facebook Looking to Ramp Up Instant Articles and Live Streaming on Platform | Social Media Today