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social media mistakes

August 24, 2015
Executive “Weiner problems” and stupidity have wide ranging impacts. Shareholders react badly if they feel the executive is distracted or that the executive has integrity issues. The impact of stupidity is wide ranging – legal action, broken marriages, embarrassment and falling stock prices. The obvious conclusion and take away for executives – keep your zipper closed (no matter how awesome you think it looks on camera) or stick with a camera-less flip-phone.
June 23, 2015
Who you are plays a big role in what you can, and cannot, get away with on social media. This past weekend, Judy Mozes , the wife of Israeli Interior Minister, tweeted a racist joke about President Obama. The tweet caused uproar across Twitter and across both countries. People objected to both the racism of the tweet and the potential damage it could do to US-Israeli relations. Mozes’ tweet and the reaction to it highlight several potential social media pitfalls.
January 12, 2015
There are hundreds of articles promoting what you should include in your social media strategy, with tips, tricks, and hacks for you to adopt. But what about the things that you shouldn't be doing? The most common tactics are the most ineffective and could be damaging your brand significantly.
July 16, 2014
Yes, social marketing can be fun, however it's also a lot of work. You have to take it serious - with all the changes that happen rapidly, you will always be on your toes. You can have fun with it, but you are doing this for your business or someone else's - it's not play time.
June 15, 2014
Over the years, I’ve loved and watched Twitter’s growth. Twitter has been through its ups and downs. While in the lowest bottoms of its stock price, a new exodus of top executives, like its recent COO “leaving” the company is fueling the debate of Twitter struggling to grow users and keeping them.
June 02, 2014
These days, webmasters have to invest a considerable amount of time, money and energy in the right optimization tactics to stay in Google’s good graces, including correct SEO writing. If this is your case, good news – we’ve got some useful information for you to share in this blog.
May 26, 2014
Social media is a key component of success in today’s world, and the majority of businesses are now investing a huge amount of time and money in order to thrive in this environment. Mistakes will be made when it comes to social media, but here are the major ones to avoid.
April 09, 2014
With the way online marketing has changed, the way businesses advertise also has to change. The hard selling “buy this now” through social media will no longer work. Unless you show an interest in what your customers want, your customers won’t buy.
October 20, 2013
Recruiters pan across and rummage several social media platforms to look for the profiles of job candidates before they make a hiring decision. But how do they know they have chosen the ideal candidate and rightfully dismissed the wrong ones?
October 19, 2013
There are many examples of social media infractions by companies, but the good news is that these types of experiences force marketers and senior executives to take notice and become more responsible about social media.