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social media strategy

August 24, 2016
If you’re one of those people who thinks a couple of random posts a month is going to help sell your product and build your clientele, then go ahead and throw in the towel now. It’s going to take more than that.
Social Media Strategy
August 22, 2016
As social media becomes a more significant part of your marketing strategy, there are some key do's and don't you need to keep in mind.
August 19, 2016
Are you getting the kind of results you want from your current social media marketing activities? Here are seven ways to boost your social efforts.
7 Simple Changes To Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing | Social Media Today
August 01, 2016
To be effective with your social media marketing, you need to focus your efforts on what truly matters.
6 Simple Social Media Tips to Help Boost Your Brand Today | Social Media Today
July 02, 2016
Competitor analysis on social is about more than just Likes and re-tweets. In this post, contributor Maggie Burke outlines how brands can conduct more in-depth assessment to maximize their success.
Competitor Analysis on Social Media: How to START | Social Media Today
June 29, 2016
Summer' s a great time to get out of your marketing comfort zone and try some new strategies - here are three ideas to consider.
3 Summer Social Marketing Strategies To Utilize Right Now | Social Media Today
June 06, 2016
"Social media strategy is a vital part of your digital marketing efforts, but it needs to be recognized for what it is - a component of your overall marketing strategy."
March 25, 2016
Luxury brands once avoided social media, but latest reports indicate that 75% of luxury shoppers now use social, putting increased focused on the medium for such businesses.
Social Listening Talkwalker Luxury Industry
March 10, 2016
Long-term social media goals can pave the path for a successful future, but even so, social media marketing can be intimidating. Here are a few ways you can tame the social media beast while ensuring a successful future.
Building a Successful Social Media Marketing Future | Social Media Today
January 03, 2016
Over 46 percent of the Earth’s population uses the Internet. Today, a lion’s share of that Internet usage is done through social media networks. As such, marketing campaigns must have a social media component to succeed. However, despite this, many social media marketing campaigns fail. With this in mind, here are seven tips that can give your company’s social media strategy a serious boost.
7 Tips to Boost Your Business's Social Media Strategy