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social media strategy

October 29, 2015
Do you suffer from pie in the sky delusions when it comes to setting goals for your social media marketing campaign? A defined strategy is important in your social media marketing efforts - here's some notes on planning your social media activities.
How to Determine Goals for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign | Social Media Today
October 02, 2015
After writing out all the steps and goals for your social media activity, you implement your new strategy. But how can you measure the results? Read on to see what can help you determine whether your social media strategy is reaping any benefits.
5 Ways to Tell If Your Social Media Strategy is Working | Social Media Today
August 29, 2015
Social media continues to evolve into a fundamental tool for most business owners. If you aren't leveraging certain social media platforms in your marketing, then you are missing out on an opportunity to build your email list. This post will share 5 strategies that will help you convert your followers into qualified prospects.
5 Simple Social Media Strategies to Build Your Email List
August 20, 2015
Particularly when it comes to the whirlpool that is social media, having a clear strategy in place is essential. Without one, you’ll flounder. And even worse, due to social media’s unrestricted nature, everyone will be able to see you floundering.
social media strategy
August 14, 2015
Being active on a multitude of social media channels can be an excellent tactic when building your brand, monitoring your online presence, and influencing sales. H owever, many companies still have a social presence for the sole purpose of just “being there” and fail to use these channels to generate measurable results that align with their business goals.

The Smart Social Report: Volume One

Social has given brands and marketers a great new tool -- but it's a tool that can be as intimidating as it is powerful. At the top of the list of questions: "How can I use the flood of social data that's out there to strengthen my company?" The first edition of the Smart Social...

6 Essential Steps for Creating a Social Media Strategy

In today's marketplace, social media is an integral component for any growing business. But in order for your business to see return on its social media efforts, it is crucial that you build a strategy that ties back to your overall business goals. Whether you’re a social media...
April 27, 2015
For companies all over the world, effective use of social media sites can act as a gold mine for generating more business, amplifying customer loyalty and satisfaction, and increasing your bottom line. However, not all social media strategies are created equal. Depending on your target demographic, the way you approach social media marketing will inevitably vary.
social media and youth
February 28, 2015
It is essential that businesses make the most out of their social media offerings. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn; these sources can provide a useful outlet for sales as well as customer feedback. However, if you are not making the most out of them this can cause significant hindrances and you may have to review your social media use and the ways in which your business can refresh your social media strategy. Are you getting the most out of your social media?
February 03, 2015
Just as actors use their understanding of what motivates their characters to shape their performances, social media managers should use an understanding of their fans' motivations to shape their posts in order to increase engagement.