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social responsibility

December 18, 2015
An interesting new article about millennials, advertising, and social responsibility examines how marketers are responding to the potent combination of a younger generation with $2.45 in spending power and an insistence that companies do some measure of good in the world.
corporate social responsbility
June 21, 2014
By now the world is recognizing the power employee advocacy can give to corporations. Recent data gives a glimpse at what any organization’s base of employees, provided with proper training and an automated platform for sharing, can do.
March 23, 2014
Mindful social media; at first glance, the terms don’t appear to go together. Mindfulness emphasises slowness, deliberation, and unwavering focus on one thing, non-judgment. Social media, emphasises relies on speed, constant connection and relentless sharing.
January 19, 2014
Often I have been in situations, mostly while growing up, where I blamed everything and anything but myself for whatever happened, unless the outcome was good. This was the birth of not giving credit where it was truly due, but also not recognizing the importance of taking responsibility.
March 02, 2012
Mary is the co-founder of a new "non-profit blog" called Empower Media ( ) which encourages girls and women to live a life of dignity and equality through the power of communications.
August 02, 2011
It's always a hot topic. How should sensitive material be handled on social media. Similar to forcing watershed times on television programs, there's a bit of a movement now to start filtering out sensitive material on social media. Let me preface this with: I am a parent. I have a young child and I know it will be a scary world filled with information I need to potentially shield him from. This post is about where the responsibility lies, and how it should be handled in this social world.
January 18, 2008
This year, as part of a commitment to be more socially responsible (and, in all candor, to reduce some of the burden of handout submission deadlines), I have decided to make all handouts available in a paperless format, regardless of whether sponsoring organizations is operating in that way. My...
November 02, 2007
This was the rather breathless title for a side track at the Business for Social Responsibility conference in San Francisco last week. As it turned out the session was somewhat chaotic with most of the panel predictably trying to demonstrate hands on web campaigning but with poor AV and patchy wifi...