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June 30, 2015
Storytelling is as old as humankind. Perhaps the first glimpse of it is seen in ancient hieroglyphics, stories depicted as pictures on walls. Fast forward to today and what would a campfire be without friends sitting around telling stories? We like stories because we can relate to them, w e see ourselves or people we know in them. It shows us that we aren’t all as different as we may appear.
June 26, 2015
Do you know what makes someone a great storyteller? I believe we all have the ability to deliver inspiring, thought-provoking stories, but without this one key technique, you may not accomplish what you set out to do.
June 09, 2015
Creative story telling is important in an effective direct response marketing campaign. If you're doing a direct mail piece, you want to lead with a conversational opening piece, move gently into a heart-grabbing story, tie- in some proof with more stories, benefits and things that motivate people to buy, and then you close with a call to action and the direct response you want the prospective client to take.
Storytelling on Social Media for Increased Sales | Social Media Today
May 29, 2015
In February this year, New York-based DJ Thomas Rodriguez was told his dog, Poh, had a terminal condition. Rodriguez then took Poh on a seven week journey across America so he could see as much of the world as possible before his time came to an end. Poh's journey underlines the power of social media as a storytelling platform, and the importance of understanding the true strength of the medium - connection.
Poh the Dog and the Power of Social Media Storytelling | Social Media Today
May 07, 2015
Storytelling is one of the things that we enjoyed the most when we were children. Our favorite stories took us to different places, let us experience new things and taught us about the people and world outside of our own homes and towns. A lot of people today, even adults, are hungry for good stories. Stories of hope, success, kindness and doing the impossible are some of the most common topics of stories that go viral on social media. Facebook has become the prime platform for people to share their own stories, as well as to share stories from others, that they think their friends will be able to relate to, will find humorous or inspirational, or just provide a nice break from the day-to-day of life.
April 24, 2015
What happens when you get lost in a city filled with brands and the only one you’re looking for is the one you can’t find? Do you give up? Why is the find so important? Obviously it’s more than brand recognition. A brand's story is what creates advocacy and solidifies loyalty.
April 14, 2015
That's why today's major technology and social media enterprises – Apple and Amazon and Facebook and Google – are in the throes of a hiring frenzy. Not just for developers and coders, but for art directors and writers and strategists and storytellers.
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April 08, 2015
Howard Gossage, a famous copywriter from the 1960s said people don't read advertising, they read what they like. This thought applies more so now in our digital world. In social media give your audience what they like. People like stories. Are you leveraging all five acts of storytelling in your social media content?
storytelling in social media
April 03, 2015
In a SXSW panel with experts in interactive storytelling, gaming, and virtual reality, the audience learned that it’s all about letting the story dictate the medium, and letting the medium engross the “viewers.” But we’re not just viewers anymore, are we? We’re engagers and interactors.
April 03, 2015
There was a time (in the recent past) when brand sell was all about showcasing features and benefits to an intended target audience. With the emergence of social media, the art of the brand sell has evolved to include a very real social component. Social media has made engagement and response rate some of the main objectives for brands. With that, in the framework of brand development, the art of storytelling has become much more important. What was once brand sell, is now story sell. Now brand marketers need to wrap their initiatives around the story sell of their brand. Like it or not, engagement is where it’s at today and the way to consumers' hearts is through storytelling.