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strategic planning

December 01, 2014
A buyer persona (also known as a customer persona) is a generalization, based on various parameters, of what an ideal customer should be. Businesses can use buyer personas to improve their marketing, product development, and more. This posts outlines how a business should go about creating a buyer persona, while displaying each step on an example eCommerce store.
August 24, 2014
When it comes to taking on new employees, you tend to only really have two options – use a job board or use a recruiter.
January 27, 2012
Seriously, How do you measure success? I'm always surprised when I ask this question how many people answer with something like..."Well... when I get a lot of comments" (or traffic, or money, etc.) But how do you measure "a lot?" And furthermore, in 6 months, how do you duplicate the process?
March 02, 2011
In reality, when done well, strategic planning is a continuous and ongoing process. Because guess what – while you are taking your good old time planning, the ground underneath you is already moving, and continues to move. Markets change, situations change, the landscape changes, so your plan must adjust accordingly.
May 27, 2008
By Dennis D. McDonald I was talking the other day with a friend about what consultants do. One of the topics raised was “strategic planning.” We talked about what that meant for a while. Then he said, “Oh, so you create business strategies for clients?” Word parser that I am, I had to disagree with...