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Tech & Innovation

July 08, 2014
In nearly every concentration of leadership, men outnumber women. We have come to accept this current state of affairs, much as we rail against it, but nowhere is this more evident in my world than in the leadership of rapidly developing technology.
July 04, 2014
In this interview, Simon Pearce and Gary Vaynerchuk talk about the new collaborative economy, which Gary describes as the “second industrial revolution.” If that sounds overblown, then consider this: the rate of change in technology has never been faster, and the access to the tools needed to create those new technologies has never been cheaper.
gary vaynerchuk
May 29, 2014
The first, and arguably most common, definition sees innovation as the creation of truly unique things. These groundbreaking discoveries are indeed incredibly valuable, but they’re also pretty rare. Much more common is a recombination of already existing things in new ways.