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Tech & Innovation

April 09, 2015
It’s been eight years since the iPhone debuted – eight years since the way we communicate with each other drastically changed. Just think about how often you sit down at a desktop or laptop computer now, outside of your workday. It’s becoming more rare every day as mobile technologies like smartphones and tablets give us immediate and constant access to personal email, social media accounts, apps that let us order pizza at midnight on a Wednesday for delivery...the list goes on. Nearly everything we need is literally in the palm of our hands and right at our fingertips.
April 01, 2015
Google makes it easy for us to search for any kind of information we want, instantaneously. It has taken the guesswork out of life. But how accurate or relevant is the information we find? Let’s face it, Gen Y and Z are largely responsible for changing today’s marketing landscape. Not only with how...
March 20, 2015
​Think Facebook is just in the business of sharing pictures, updating statuses and working on digital advertising? Think again. The social media giant is a lot more tech focused than it might appear. It’s been working on a number of interesting projects, from image recognition software and virtual reality to just recently announcing its plans to tackle computer networking and enter the ethernet switch market.
January 29, 2015
Countries and cities across the world are busily trying to build tech clusters. In an era where technology is radically changing how we work, play and live, high value tech companies are always going to be prized. But how do you build a tech cluster?
January 26, 2015
The migration of IT workloads to public cloud service providers continues in 2015. Meanwhile, the forward-thinking enterprise CIOs are making plans to transform their data centers to accommodate the applications they intend to keep.
January 22, 2015
From fitness wearables to smart refrigerators, we are gradually integrating our entire lives onto the web and the massive grid of interconnected devices. Where are we headed? Predictions point towards a future where devices will become our “digital shadows,” a reflection of everything we are, and even hope to be. The question is: is that a good or bad thing? And does it even matter?
January 21, 2015
In the world of enterprise, social media, and digital business, the cloud has had its moments of gaffe – from minor hitches like Google going down for a brief period, or Facebook falling flat, to more nefarious acts of data violation like the data theft of nearly 40 million credit and debit card details from nationwide stores of the retail giant Target. The cloud has definitely had some growing pains.
January 14, 2015
Your users are smarter than you; ask them what they think of your product and how you can improve it. In a recent re-launch, our best ideas weren't our ideas at all. They were our users' ideas. Here's to listening. And to not believing the Henry Ford hype.
January 13, 2015
This Best Thinkers post offers a quick assessment of where business schools are in their digital transformation journeys, provides examples of the possibilities being exploited by some leading schools, and highlights areas that require greater attention. A follow-up piece will offer suggestions for how business school leaders can continue to adapt to Digital Era realities and demonstrate Digital Era leadership.
January 09, 2015
It’s that time of new year when you get deluged with analysts / bloggers predictions and prognostications. I join in most years, but this post is really more of a state of the industry, a summary of some random thoughts on software, business and digital transformation.