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June 19, 2015
Before you set out for Hawaii or the Galapagos, check out these tips for getting the most out of the travel pictures you’re sure to post on Instagram .
travel photo instagram
May 08, 2015
By now, any travel brand with a digital marketing strategy in place will have some role for Facebook in its overarching approach. And while we know organic reach is nowhere near where it once was, this doesn’t mean travel brands ought to forget Facebook outright.
March 18, 2015
I know, the title of this post is not original. In fact, I thought we had laid that debate to rest a while back, in 2010 or 2011, perhaps. But here we are in 2015, and I find it fascinating to see how many brands still don’t “get it” when it comes to social media.
January 30, 2015
Together with Facebook, consulting firm Deloitte recently conducted a poll with 10,400 travelers who are also avid social media users, seeking to identify key ways in which travel brands can improve their performance on social media. Or rather, how focus needs to evolve from social media to a broader, more holistic digital marketing approach.
January 22, 2015
Nowadays, there is an incredible amount of travel sites connecting travelers with local guides.
January 14, 2015
The folks at NetAffinity produced this pertinent infographic showcasing 15 online marketing trends we can expect to shake the hospitality world in the coming year. Here are some of my favorites.
January 09, 2015
Did you know the mobile travel audience spends on average 35% of their time looking for travel content on smartphones or tablets? And if you think mobile travelers represent only a small fraction on the travel industry, think again! According to the most recent Consumer Travel Report, mobile travel gross bookings represented 5% of the total travel market in 2014 and should rise up to 7% in 2015. But not all mobile travel is built the same: according to Travel Weekly, mobile bookings accounted for 20% of hotel sales on OTAs last year.
December 19, 2014
In many ways, 2015 should be the year when video marketing makes giant strides in the travel and hospitality vertical. We can also expect social and mobile to become more mainstream. A new study conducted by PhoCusWright for Expedia Media Solutions shows the travel advertising landscape is shifting accordingly, with three noticeable trends in tow.
December 12, 2014
Americans have places to go and people to see. Whether for leisure, business or bleisure (yes, bleisure is a thing), travelers are estimated to increase mobile bookings by over 1,000% from 2011. And with users spending approximately 60% of their social media time on mobile devices, this potential technical convergence provides brands with a chance to use consumer trends to create their own success stories.
December 02, 2014
I have written a few times about the unfortunate downfall of Canadian tourism in the past decade. Back in 2002, Canada was #7 on the list of most popular destinations for international travelers. It’s been a continuous decline ever since and we can expect to be out of the top 20 for 2014.