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April 26, 2017
Twitter has released their Q1 2017 results, showing some positive signs.
Twitter Q1 Numbers: Active Users Up, Engagement Efforts Showing Good Signs | Social Media Today
March 30, 2017
Twitter has unveiled it's new @replies system - and not everyone's happy with the updated process.
Twitter @Replies Are No Longer Counted in Your 140 Characters - Here's How it Works | Social Media Today
March 10, 2017
Twitter is flagging certain accounts as potentially offensive in their latest effort to reduce the impact of trolls and abuse.
Twitter’s Now Serving Warnings on Certain Profiles in Latest Anti-Abuse Measure | Social Media Today
March 08, 2017
Twitter has announced the addition of new analytics tools for Moments.
Twitter Adds Moments Analytics – Will it Get More People Using Moments? | Social Media Today
February 16, 2017
In their latest effort to stamp out abusive behaviour on the platform, Twitter’s now reducing the reach of account which are deemed to be engaging in such actions.
Twitter's Implementing Temporary Restrictions on Abusive Accounts | Social Media Today
January 28, 2017
Twitter's new Explore tab doesn't really add much to the Twitter experience. At least, not yet.
Twitter Explore: Missed Opportunity, or the First Step Towards Improvement? | Social Media Today
January 26, 2017
Twitter has announced they're replacing the Moments tab with a new 'Explore' option.
Twitter Announces New ‘Explore’ Tab to Replace Moments | Social Media Today
January 11, 2017
Hundreds – if not thousands – of Twitter users are reporting seeing tweets from people they don’t follow in their timelines.
Seeing Tweets from People You Don’t Follow? You’re Not Alone | Social Media Today
December 29, 2016
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has called on users to give him ideas on how to improve the service.
Twitter CEO Calls on Users for Ideas on How to Improve the Platform | Social Media Today
November 30, 2016
Twitter has expanded Moments functionality to mobile, which will make it a more appealing proposition to more users.
Now You Can Create Twitter Moments via Mobile Devices | Social Media Today