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twitter ads

July 10, 2013
Trying to build your Twitter following with real followers? Promoting your profile to people interested in the same things you are is a good way to be found. Your account will be promoted in search results for related keywords in the “Who to follow” section of Twitter and a “Promoted” designation shows next to your user name.
May 01, 2013
Last week, Twitter announced their ads could target keywords of Tweets, or Tweets that users engage with, allowing Twitter to compete with Google and Facebook ads. Twitter strived to make the new self-serve interface as user friendly as possible allowing just about anyone to navigate easily.
October 05, 2011
"We all know that if a trend is all over the Twittersphere, it spreads like wildfire on other media whether it’s social or traditional. The notion of social media being a two-way communication between a consumer and a brand is not yet passe."
April 20, 2010
It's been one week since Twitter announced the arrival of Promoted Tweets , the company's long-anticipated web advertising model. For those who have been frustrated by the perceived lack of a monetization plan, this is Twitter's cautious first step in the direction of the dollars. Why cautious?...
April 13, 2010
First, to all the Twitter lovers out there: this is the first sign of the apocalypse. Of all the places Twitter could includes ads, this is the least obtrusive and the most relevant. People will not desert Twitter for this. It's inevitable -- technology services need revenue. Not only that, I...