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video marketing

February 17, 2017
​Are you looking to add video content into your social media marketing mix in 2017? Here are some key tips to keep in mind.
3 Ways to Get More Bang for Your Buck with Social Video Ads | Social Media Today
January 25, 2017
Here are some key tips to help maximize your video marketing efforts online.
January 23, 2017
Contributor Bryan Kramer offers seven tips to help boost your live-stream efforts.
7 Ways to Become Camera Ready for Live-Streaming | Social Media Today
January 20, 2017
Here are some key video trends to consider in your 2017 social media marketing plan.
video marketing
December 17, 2016
Have you considered making a short video as part of your holiday marketing efforts?
how to create a festive holiday video for your small business
December 19, 2016
Here are some key notes on creating 360 degree video content (and why you should).
How To Get Started 360 Degree Videos VR
December 13, 2016
Here are six video creation tools to help you get started and maximize your video efforts.
6 Tools to Help You Create Video for Your Business | Social Media Today
December 12, 2016
Instagram has released their new live-streaming option to U.S. users.
Instagram Live Streaming Now Available for US Users | Social Media Today
December 06, 2016
This infographic looks the growth of video in 2016, and projections for it's increased use in 2017
30 Reasons Why Video is THE Medium for Social In 2017 [Infographic] | Social Media Today
November 29, 2016
In a new episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore looks at Facebook Live and the benefits of live-streaming for business.
10 Ways Small Business Can Use Facebook Live Video Streaming | Social Media Today