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November 25, 2015
Twitter-owned video platform Vine has introduced a raft of new features this year, all of which have added to the user experience. And as it's slowly and quietly grown, Vine has established a place within the wider social space, and could, possibly, be positioned to be the next big platform. Don't believe me? The numbers may tell the story.
Vine Adds New Discovery Tools – The Next Big Thing? | Social Media Today
November 19, 2015
Six-second video app Vine has released a new feature which enables users to 'remix' their favorite Vine clips by re-using the audio tracks. The capability will help expand the use of Vine for viral memes, spreading the reach of Vine content and the work of artists.
Vine Unveils New Remix Functionality, Improved Search Tools | Social Media Today
November 07, 2015
Have you considered using Vine as part of your brand's social media strategy? The platform is very easy to use, and given its six second time constraint, it can be a less daunting, and more creative, way to venture into video content.
Opportunities in Vine: Simple, Effective and Creative Video Content | Social Media Today
October 23, 2015
Twitter-owned video app Vine has announced an update which will enable users to better align their Twitter and Vine profiles , adding increased exposure potential to each.
Vine Announces Improved Twitter Integration to Increase Creator Exposure | Social Media Today
September 21, 2015
Boasting 40 million registered users so far, Vine is delivering five pieces of fun and engaging video content to Twitter users each second. For brands that are already on Twitter, developing Vine-specific content is a natural next-step -- Vine videos can be seen directly in Twitter feeds and they drive much higher engagement since those videos are native to the Twitter platform.
September 12, 2015
A new report from Socialbakers shows that video uploaded direct to Twitter is closing the gap on YouTube for overall video content shared on the platform - and it's generating a significant amount more engagement.
Native Videos the Best Option for Both Facebook and Twitter [Report] | Social Media Today
September 10, 2015
If you don’t know what Vine is, you might be missing out on a powerful tool for your brand. The community on Vine is ultimately younger, fresher, and hipper than the folks on Instagram, and as one of the fastest growing apps out there, its community is sure to grow. On Vine you’ll find a collection of wannabe comedians, documentary filmmakers, and how-to mavens -- in general, a much more cinematic place than Instagram, where videos trend toward cute pets and prolonged selfies.
August 22, 2015
Ever since its launch in January 2013, Vine has had a significant impact in the way videos are recorded and shared online. These six-second clips seem to have taken the world by storm, especially among teens - but the numbers show that marketers are not yet realizing the full potential of the medium.
When it Comes to Vine, Brands Still Have Catching up to do | Social Media Today
July 08, 2015
Since it’s launch in January 2013, Vine has racked up millions of users. It’s six-second videos replay on loop—perfect for our ever-shortening attention spans. With more than 100 million people viewing Vine videos each month and users sharing 8,333 videos every minute, how will you tap into this apps video potential? Here are some tips to broaden your brand awareness and enhance your social media presence beyond just photos and words.
Lights, Camera, Action - How to Perfect Your Vine Strategy [Infographic] | Social Media Today
June 05, 2015
Why a hipster Gorilla in search of the "simple life" has captured my heart.
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