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viral content

May 26, 2016
While 'going viral' is never a reliable strategy, there are things you can learn from highly shared content that can help you formulate your own content of mass appeal.
Viral Marketing: 27 Scientific Ways to Boost Your Chances of Going Viral | Social Media Today
December 04, 2015
The spread of hoaxes and misinformation on social media could have wide-ranging impacts. As such, Facebook is taking steps to reduce the spread of viral hoaxes with a new News Feed tweak that works to de-emphasize the spread of such updates.
Facebook Updates News Feed to Further Reduce Spread of Hoax Stories | Social Media Today
November 19, 2015
Admit it! All bloggers and content marketers dream of creating viral content. Content that spreads like wild fire in social media or any online marketing avenue for that matter is not a dream. We know most big names do it! We wish we knew what the secret ingredients are? Wouldn’t it be nice to find...
October 30, 2015
This infographic looks at the elements required to produce viral videos, offers examples of the most popular branded content of all-time, and provides tips marketers can follow to create share-worthy videos for their companies.
Quit Being Boring: How To Make the Ultimate Viral Video Now [Infographic] | Social Media Today
October 21, 2015
The false “Future Day” meme, beyond just providing an opportunity to rib your gullible friends, provides a unique and fascinating case study for those of us that care about what gets shared online and why. The meme itself contains a perfect storm of shareable elements that are worth digging into, but well beyond that, it gives us what almost nothing else on the internet can, a very clean baseline on why something goes viral. It's exactly the same thing, posted through the same channels, every single day for several years, but it receives incredibly varying results, some days getting less than ten shares and likes, while gaining thousands on many other days, and topping out at nearly four hundred thousand on its best day. I’ve crunched the numbers for every day for two years to find out why.
Back To The Future October 21st
September 18, 2015
​ The arrest of Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old freshman at a high school in Irving, Texas, for bringing a homemade clock to school that administrators thought was a bomb, was a story that brought pervasive anti-Muslim sentiment under public scrutiny. Mohamed, who was cleared of the charges, was later the subject of a viral social media campaign, #IStandWithAhmed , and offered public support by President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg , who each invited the teenager to events at their offices.
September 14, 2015
Think about it. When you look at viral videos, or Twitter trends, or even just the most-shared news items that get passed around on any given day, the one thing they have in common is that they make people FEEL something – and that's the secret sauce that social marketers need to add to their recipes.
September 09, 2015
It was once said that about 15 percent of all web traffic is cat-related (sorry, dogs). Instagram , with its rich, image-based platform, has allowed pet owners to narrate the lives of their furry friends one photo at a time.
July 23, 2015
Content marketers are obsessed with creating the next viral hit - but do these sensations happen by chance, or is it something that can be carefully engineered? The answer may surprise you.
The Science of Going Viral | Social Media Today
July 13, 2015
I've written before about viral content hoarding website, which rose in the place of Upworthy, which crashed basically when Facebook closed a loophole in what content gets promoted on its news feed. ViralNova, which has been called one of the worst sites on the internet, gets attention with headlines so shameless (“This Old Couple Tragically Died in a Car Accident. But What Rescuers Found Inside Was Beautiful” is a typical one) it makes one wonder who in the world would even click on this clickiest of click-bait.
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