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July 23, 2015
Content marketers are obsessed with creating the next viral hit - but do these sensations happen by chance, or is it something that can be carefully engineered? The answer may surprise you.
The Science of Going Viral | Social Media Today
August 20, 2014
When it comes to dominating search, especially when it comes to blogging and publishing, you need to always write your headlines and copy first for Google, then for people. Humans (and their flexible brains) are very forgiving when it comes to reading possibly stilted, "robotic," keyword-explicit headlines and articles, but Google is not.
May 15, 2013
Ever wonder where a viral pin originates? How many people pinned it before it took off? How long did it take for the pin to go viral? We wondered, too! So, we mapped out Dan Ashbach's most popular pin and found quite the family tree.
December 31, 2012
Jonah Berger, Associate Professor at the Wharton School of Business talks about a study that was conducted with the New York Times to find out what makes certain bits of content shared more than others. The video below will explain the results of what they found.
March 06, 2012
In short, “virality” is a weak metaphor for how content is actually shared, because it downplays the role of the user—the person who will actually choose to share it with their networks.
February 07, 2012
And, just because two guys kicking one another or cute puppies might work this week doesn’t mean they won’t be overshadowed the following week by a celebrity crying over a sloth.
November 15, 2011
Social Media. We all use it, some of are positively addicted to it (me included!). But isn't it great when something that we love to use can be used for tremendous good?
June 16, 2008
So you want to make your product or company go viral. The first thing to know is you don't choose viral; viral chooses you. The best you can do as a marketer is position something to have viral potential. This is accomplished by positioning your product in three ways: Psychological Undercurrent...