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wearable technology

January 18, 2017
Snap Inc's marketing is always a bit left of center - here's why that's a good thing.
The Business of Bots: Why Snapchat’s Snapbot is Smart Marketing | Social Media Today
December 22, 2016
What happens if Facebook eventually beats Snapchat at its own game?
Will Facebook Beat Snapchat at its Own Game – and What Will that Mean for the App? | Social Media Today
November 05, 2016
Being able to measure emotional responses will with no doubt lead to the biggest paradigm shift in the history of marketing.
Apple Watch biometric data
July 21, 2015
The Apple Watch is the next big thing in tech. All the app developers are tracking its performance, all the consumers are watching on with interest to see if, or when, they need to get on board. And now we have the first indication of how, exactly, the Apple Watch is being received – for their first ever Apple Watch Customer Satisfaction report , Apple Watch research group Wristly surveyed 800 Apple Watch users to get their thoughts and opinions on the device. And the results, particularly in comparison to other Apple products, certainly reveal some interesting perspectives.
97% of Apple Watch Users Satisfied or Very Satisfied With Their Experience [Report] | Social Media Today
June 01, 2015
We live in an age of really, really huge tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc, and one of the great things about this age is that these companies have lots of excess cash. It's an advantage because lately, tech companies seem to be in the habit of taking their excess cash and throwing big piles of it at technological problems and projects.
microsoft hololens
May 27, 2015
There’s no doubt that the Internet of Things has arrived. From Amazon’s Dash button to wearables to smart parking meters, examples of IoT device innovation are sprouting all around us. But we're still, essentially, in the dark ages with this technology. We’re just beginning to see that the real value in IoT isn't hardware-centric; it's the data that comes with it that's of most interest.
Why Data Will Drive The Next Wave of IoT Innovation | Social Media Today
November 26, 2014
Recently, Microsoft brought a surprise to the tech world by introducing a fitness tracking wristband which comes with an app and cloud computing technology which can track fitness and health related data and the best part is that it is actually very good.
October 05, 2014
Wearable devices have exploded into the consumer electronics scene during the last two years. As the use-cases become established they move beyond the early-adopter stage of market development.
July 18, 2014
Brandwatch partnered with Brilliant Noise to analyze over 8 million online conversations around wearable technology, to find out what consumers really think about the tech trend and how they are discussing it. This blog showcases an infographic displaying the data findings, and discusses key trends including the top brands and products in the social buzz.
March 22, 2014
This week Google announced Android Wear, a new version of the Android operating system built specifically for smartwatches and wearable technology. LG's "G Watch," expected to launch next quarter, will be one of the first smartwatches built on the Android Wear platform.