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web design

September 11, 2015
This infographic will give you 14 data-driven techniques to boost the conversion rates of your landing pages.
June 12, 2015
Having a website that is responsive is increasingly important in the age of mobile.
Sample of a responsive site as viewed on various mobile devices.
May 16, 2015
One of the best things about working for a small staff association is that I get to do so many things--some of which I still have a lot to learn about. Web design is definitely one of those things. While I know plenty about some aspects of web development, design is one thing I have never had to do, and I'm not particularly good at it.
web designer
May 12, 2015
Simple, open stories with a clear hierarchy that is easy to follow. That’s all I want. Great content and content design drive repeat usage and greater engagement. It’s not rocket science, although it should be data-driven.
March 28, 2015
We’ve all seen how the relentless march to mobile is changing the way we do business. People are using mobile devices to search for what they want, whether it’s information to win an argument or running shoes to train for a local marathon. They also probably found out about that marathon online and often used their phone to see where to run. After that, the miles they ran may have been boasted about on social media.
mobile friendly website
March 28, 2015
It’s painfully obvious to anyone who opens a web browser that the digital landscape is constantly changing at a fairly good pace, but once in a while we run across a development that seems to indicate a leap forward. I just ran across such a development.
homepages and changing web features
March 03, 2015
This guidance for evaluating website themes divides various factors into three categories: mandatory, important, and optional. Mandatory factors include things like responsive design and developer reputation. Important factors include browser compatibility and certain blog elements. Optional...
February 06, 2015
Today we’re sharing a fantastic infographic from AmeriCommerce that takes a detailed look at how things have changed – from design to browsers to screens, from 1990 to today.
January 13, 2015
Making sure that you portray the most accurate and professional image to potential customers while also making your website easy to navigate can be a challenge. However, popular web design trends are making this easier than ever before. This infographic from Bowen Media breaks down the top five web design trends for this year and why they are important to users.
December 22, 2014
90 percent of people use multiple devices screens sequentially. So make sure you are using a responsive website design.