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September 15, 2015
What facts are key to understanding (and appreciating) this oft-debated group, the millennials ?
September 11, 2015
We’ve heard it a thousand times: LinkedIn is your public resume, a place where potential employers can check out your professional qualifications. But should they also feel free to check out (and comment on) your physical attributes?
LinkedIn Sexism Controvery
February 14, 2015
As the Millennials ascend into management positions over the next several years, they will simultaneously become the largest generation in the workforce. While the Millennials won’t formally “take over” (no single generation ever runs things on its own), they will serve as a kind of “secret decoder ring” for all of us, helping clarify what the future of business will look like, post revolution. Change is coming, and smart organizations will start making the necessary adjustments today to stay ahead.
February 05, 2015
A recent study has set out to determine the role our culture (both in terms of organization and society) plays in our creativity levels. The study, conducted by Canadian researcher Gad Saad from Concordia University, looked at the creative habits of employees from a collectivist society (Taiwan) and a more individualistic one (Canada).
February 05, 2015
We have seen some remarkable changes in the landscape of work. Looking back, these changes seem small, but each contributed to a growing momentum, which when added together, provide a clear path to where we are today and where we are heading. Let’s take a look at some of these.
December 04, 2014
Having a blog with a social focus, I’ve explored a number of times the kind of things that motivate high performing individuals to get involved in crowdsourcing or citizen science projects.
high performer
December 03, 2014’s Dan Schawbel believes millennials will continue to play a pivotal role in the global workplace trends we see next year. In 2015, millennials are set to become the largest percentage of the workforce for the first time. A generation that is vocal about their demand for a better work/life balance have naturally placed a higher value on a flexible and mobile work environment.
August 10, 2014
As flexible working as grown in recent years, the cafe has increasingly become a place to go and work, whether you base yourself in one for the majority of your day or pop in for meetings.
November 06, 2013
Too often, employees lack the time or the permission to follow the ideas they come up with, and as a result, many ideas languish. How can organizations get better at implementation of innovation? How can they convert more of those ideas into bottom line results? The following three steps are a good place to start.
October 02, 2013
No business can afford to have wasted time at work, especially when growth and profitability is directly tied to how productive your employees are. So check out this super cool infographic that identifies the top three reasons people waste their time at work, so that you can find possible solutions to eliminating them.