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youtube ads

February 20, 2017
In a move that will be welcomed by many, YouTube has announced that they’re removing their non-skippable 30-second ads which appear before videos.
YouTube’s Removing 30-Second, Unskippable Pre-Roll Ads | Social Media Today
February 16, 2017
With video content on the rise, YouTube should be a key consideration for all brands.
Why YouTube Matters to Marketing [Infographic] | Social Media Today
January 20, 2017
YouTube has announced a new set of ad targeting options to help marketers better focus their efforts.
YouTube Announces New Ad Targeting Options, Improved Measurement Tools | Social Media Today
September 05, 2016
YouTube's "demonetization" of non-advertiser worthy videos has sparked unrest among their creative community - creators who are also being targeted by Facebook.
YouTube “Demonetization” Sparks Creator Backlash – Will They Migrate to Other Platforms? | Social Media Today
June 15, 2016
YouTube has launched a new app called 'YouTube Director' which guides businesses through the process of creating a great YouTube video.
YouTube Releases New ‘YouTube Director’ App to Help Businesses Create Video Content | Social Media Today
February 09, 2016
What? You aren’t advertising your brand or service on the world’s largest on-demand streaming video service? You’re crazy! Marketing may seem like a black art, known solely by those who claim to be marketing experts, but you can do this! Get out your notebook and take a few notes, because I’m about to lay out some key strategies that will help you effectively advertise on YouTube.
Youtube advertising
October 05, 2015
YouTube is showcasing it's new 'shoppable video' ad option in a new series which utilizes YouTube celebrities as part of an advertising push.
YouTube Showcases Shoppable Videos as Part of ‘Awesome Stuff Week’ | Social Media Today
July 01, 2015
Following updates this week relating to new video metrics and an algorithm update geared towards showing users more videos, Facebook has today announced its first steps towards enabling video partners to earn ad revenue from the 4 billion plus videos they’re serving to users every day – a move which also signals its next advance on YouTube in the battle for online video dominance.
Facebook Taking the Challenge to YouTube with New Video Ad Partnerships | Social Media Today
June 23, 2015
New research has suggested that Facebook is closing in on YouTube and it's long-held dominance of online video advertising. So does this mean YouTube is done? While there's still a long way to go in this battle, the signs do suggest that YouTube has a serious fight on it's hands, a position it's not been in before.
Is YouTube at Risk of Losing its Status as the King of Online Video? | Social Media Today
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