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YouTube Marketing

June 28, 2017
This infographic provides some key tips to help you get moe views with your YouTube content.
68 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube [Infographic] | Social Media Today
June 24, 2017
YouTube has made a range of announcements at VidCon, including an update on their user numbers.
YouTube Reports Updated User Count, 'VR 180' and Vertical Video Support | Social Media Today
May 19, 2017
Mobile live streaming on YouTube may soon be available to everyone. Maybe.
YouTube Live-Streaming Coming to All Users Soon. Probably. | Social Media Today
May 12, 2017
Google has released a new infographic outlining the rising trend of watching online-originated content on your TV set.
The Rise of Online Video on the TV Screen [Infographic] | Social Media Today
May 07, 2017
Google has released a new infographic outlining some of the key audience trends they’re seeing on YouTube.
YouTube Releases New Stats on User Viewing Behavior [Infographic] | Social Media Today
May 06, 2017
YouTube is taking a leading role in the digital TV shift, launching a new range of exclusive programs.
YouTube’s Launching a Range of Exclusive Programs from High Profile Creators | Social Media Today
May 03, 2017
YouTube's trying out a new desktop design, including improved performance and a new 'dark theme'.
YouTube Releases New Desktop Layout, Including 'Dark Theme' | Social Media Today
April 27, 2017
YouTube has reported that YouTube Kids has 8 million weekly active viewers, signifying a wider consumption shift.
YouTube Expands Access to YouTube Kids, Which 8 Million Kids Already Use Every Week | Social Media Today
April 07, 2017
YouTube has announced a change to their Partner Program that will restrict users from being able to monetize their YouTube content till they reach 10,000 lifetime views on their channel.
YouTube Announces New 10k Views Threshold Before Creators Can Monetize Content | Social Media Today
March 06, 2017
This new infographic from comScore highlights the importance of mobile for YouTube users, and some key consumer trends to keep in mind.
Mobile Usage Trends on YouTube [Infographic] | Social Media Today