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The Impact of Mobile on B2B Purchases [Infographic]

So much of the e-commerce and online purchasing data on the market today highlights B2C actions, with B2B often getting lost in the shuffle.

That was until Usabletnet, a company that works with brands and helps them drive customer engagement via mobile, put together this great infographic detailing how mobile impacts the purchasing decisions between businesses.

What's important to note is that the B2B e-commerce market is expected to produce $780 billion this year, and that number is expected to climb to $1.1 trillion come 2020, so right off the bat we know that it's a flourishing market, and one filled with growth. 

So where does the Web and mobile enter the picture for B2B e-commerce habits?

Well, 94% of B2B buyers reported that they conducted research online before making a purchase for their business, so we know that the Internet is essentially the top of the funnel. In regards to mobile, 55% of millennials (ages 18-25) use mobile devices to research their business purchases, while 36% of people 45+ years of age reported doing the same. And because of the spike in mobile research being conducted, 97% of B2B companies plan to either increase or keep their spend the same on mobile marketing for the remainder of this year.

Continuing down the path of mobile, 85% of online B2B buyers reported that the website they're buying from has to be mobile optimized for them to to make a purchase, and 24% of B2B buyers reportedly made a purchase from their mobile device. 

What we can take away from some of this data is that we're not there yet in terms of mobile being a huge driver for sales within the B2B industry—but that doesn't mean it's not important. Buyers are utilizing mobile to research products prior to purchasing—at the top of the funnel—which is then leading to future sales for the business.

Take a look at the rest of the infographic below.

Mobile's impact on business purchasesInfographic via Usablenet

Thumbnail image via Shutterstock

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