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Shutterstock Highlights Rising Creative Trends from Around the World in Annual Report [Infographic]

Anyone with any exposure to creating content online will have some awareness of Shutterstock. The website’s one of the best known sources of stock images on the web, with more than 126 million images downloaded from their catalog in 2014. But did you know that Shutterstock also has more than two million video clips and thousands of audio tracks available for download and use as well?

Shutterstock’s truly a giant of the image/content space, and given that huge amount of activity, they also sit in a great position of oversight in regards to content trends and interests around the world. As such, Shutterstock recently released their 2016 Creative Trends report, which looks at the most downloaded images, video and audio from their library, narrowed down to each region. The report highlights some interesting trends to note, particularly in regards to what’s resonating in your specific area of focus.

Shutterstock’s narrowed their findings down into an infographic – see below for insight into what the some of the wider content trends of 2016 are likely to be, and what your audience is likely to be more responsive to.

Shutterstock Highlights Rising Creative Trends from Around the World in Annual Report | Social Media Today

The full Shutterstock 'Creative Trends 2016' report is available here

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