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May 09, 2017
As Facebook grows, it also becomes increasingly important for businesses to ensure their Facebook information is relevant and up to date.
December 27, 2016
The Internet of Things is here to stay - so how can businesses tap into the opportunities of this new opportunity?
Internet of Things
April 19, 2016
Local-focused marketers have to leverage opportunities by creating content of genuine interest and value to target audiences, whether through blogs, video, social media marketing or other methods.
local content marketing bernadette coleman
January 25, 2016
Gettin g a business involved and meeting the needs of a community is a sure fire way to do just that. Let’s explore Belles Creative , and the social media and PR buzz they were able to create for one of their clients, Pure Pizza – Central Avenue, by connecting with the community in a real and needed way.
case study on local community building
October 04, 2015
When you hear the “Big Three” do you still automatically think about Google, Yahoo and Bing? Well, the fact is that the “Big Three” is no longer the “Big Three.” The “Big Four” of the Internet is now Google, Bing, Apple and Facebook. Currently, they are holding strong to their positions of dominance on the World Wide Web; however, other wannabes are still trying to evict them from their positions on the top of the pile. And with new competition making headway daily, will the “Big Four” hold up?
May 10, 2015
It seems all the social media sites are adding the use of cards as an option with their platform. So, of course, YouTube added interactive YouTube Cards as part of their video platform. These cards are meant to eventually act as a replacement for annotations and some have already been labeled as “annoying” and “obstructive”.
website traffic
April 25, 2015
Social media sites such as Twitter are always walking that fine line between allowing free speech and protecting their users against abusive tweets. As you can imagine, with the number of users Twitter has on their site on a daily basis in combination with the number of tweets sent, protecting users’ rights without stepping on the rights of someone else is a challenge.
twitter algorithm
April 15, 2015
To protect the reputation of your brand, it's important to know what to do when your social media outlets receive negative comments.
March 14, 2015
Next to your own website, your business’ social media presence is your greatest tool online and knowing how to optimize Twitter for local SEO is something that you need to know and take advantage of. The easy to do tips will help you to increase your local SEO values and Twitter presence at the same time.
twitter and local search
March 08, 2015
Twitter made hashtags popular and now Facebook and other social media sites have greatly added to their popularity. Knowing why and how to use hashtags in social media posts is still a mystery for some.
hashtag strategies and ideas
March 03, 2015
Social media is one of the most powerful tools that people use to promote their business. You have the ability to promote your brand to your target audience in record time. With such grandiose opportunities, it can be difficult to know exactly how to start. Luckily, there are several tools to help you take your business to the next level.
February 23, 2015
For some time now the power of keywords in relation to local search has been diminishing and so it is important that your website not only have the right keywords, but much more. Google and other search engines are looking at your website for overall site integrity, usefulness in relation to where your business is located, the product and services you provide and the actual user that is running the search.
Keywords and Local Search
February 08, 2015
Earlier this week, the tech world was abuzz with rumors that real-time search was going to make a comeback, thanks to the new deal between Twitter and Google. About four years ago, tweets used to show up in Google’s real-time search results, as space above the search results was reserved for tweets about the particular search term.
January 30, 2015
The voice your business uses in social media is crucial to your branding. Your marketing team needs to know what your business' personality is so that your voice is consistent and leads to conversions. You are one among a sea of many. It’s time to standout.
January 16, 2015
From multi-million corporations to home owned businesses, everyone is taking advantage of social media to improve their business and understand the habits of their customers. Learn how to set your business up for social media success, which is an excellent way to stay motivated and keep the inspiration coming.
January 08, 2015
Many business owners don’t blog because it can be hard to think of a steady stream of topics to write about if you’re not used to writing. The good news is that there are ideas all around you; you just have to know where to look. Here are 16 ideas to get you started.
January 06, 2015
Social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, is one of the best marketing tools a company can employ to connect locally with customers. But how do you get the most value out of these social media tools? You must connect locally on a global site media site. Learn HOW!
December 21, 2014
Google likes to keep us SEOs and digital marketing professionals on our toes and they did a really good job in 2014. Here is a short summary of the SEO changes Google rolled out this year.
December 17, 2014
We’ve created an infographic that shows the top local search ranking factors according to Moz.
December 11, 2014
I read something intriguing the other day. According to social media, the 7th most wanted holiday gift is — nothing.
December 04, 2014
If you’re a small or medium-sized business, you may find it difficult to create fresh content to market your business that connects and engages with your audience. Use your Content Marketing ABC's along with Local and be King of your Industry.
November 12, 2014
It is essential that you consider mobile in your digital marketing strategy. Mobile websites and mobile marketing can make or break a local business! This means you have to optimize your website for local SEO and for mobile.
October 31, 2014
Real-time marketing is about creating relevant timely content, the engagement experience with the reader and an incremental part of your overall marketing strategy. Start by crafting and refining content based on the types of conversations and events that enhance your brand. It’s not simply about current events, but rather a way to enter into a relevant and timely conversation or a moment that is authentic and relevant with your audience.
October 23, 2014
Not every tweet will interest everyone in your audience, and that's fine so the question is what and when do businesses need to Tweet and what are the best practices?
October 03, 2014
Search has long been about keywords and links. But local SEO has begun to change the scene and focus on finding your customers with other means. Using Citations and Schema can greatly impact your local searches.