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Founder, Diva Marketing

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About Toby

Toby Bloomberg, is recognized for her expertise in combining social media with traditional marketing values (strategy, customer insights, segmentation, etc.) while maintaining the authenticity of digital conversations. 

Her blog, Diva Marketing, launched in 2004, is one of the longest running business blogs;  and was acknowledged by Forbes as one of the 20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs By Women.  She is the author of the first business book, Social Media Marketing GPS, based on (40) Twitter interview with global marketing leaders. 

Toby is a sought-after speaker, who is passionate about helping people understanding how to integrate social media with brand values  to meet business out comes through social sharing and community engagement. She has trained thousands of top level marketers how to use social media to accomplish business objectives and has influenced the success of dozens of social media marketing projects.