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About Jason

The easiest way to learn about me professionally is to view the  Jason Fox Linkedin Profile.

I am a father of 3 beautiful children, 2 girls, Rowen 8 and Chloe 7, and a son Hudson 2.  I spend a good amount of time online, building websites, posting blogs, developing strategies, generating leads, building social profiles, increasing Search Engine Rankings, etc.  

Social Media became a passion for me early on while on the original Myspace.  I received an email from a man one day saying that he thought he was my brother.  Turned out it was.  I had never met my biological father, his wife, or their 3 children.  I knew he existed but it was through the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA that we were reunited and have a good relationship today.

When I am not online I love to spend time playing with my children.  I love to watch sports and am a huge Seattle Sports fan.  #GoHawks The Seattle Seahawks are my favorite, but I love Husky Football and Basketball, the Seattle Mariner’s and still hold a grudge against Howard Schultz for selling the Seattle SuperSonics to Clay Bennett. #BringBackTheSonics

If I could spend my time anywhere it would be around water and in the sun.  I love everything from swimming pools, to rivers and beaches, my favorite is lakes.  Why stay in Seattle if you love the sun?  Good Question and one I ask every single gray and drizzly day in the winter season… then spring comes and Seattle is so beautiful.

I guess I am just a Media Fan… Social Media, Music, Movies, Sporting Events and Books.  

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