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Leadership Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Coach, Westwood International

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About Kneale

My business mantra is strong internal customer service ensures external customer service excellence to deliver profitable business results. I work with leaders and managers to help them improve teamwork, collaboration, leadership, and culture through workshops, consulting, and coaching. We begin where you are right now and work together to achieve your goals.

Customized Programs Include:

• Executive and Team Coaching - Each of the options includes in-person and phone consultation along with a personal and professional challenge. Goals are set during the design phase with you. 

• ‎Team Leadership Programs - Company high potential leaders are vetted and selected. A series of designed modules are included with a specific company need and/or project which the team works on as well. I also have a network of respected coaches and consultants who can work with us.

Collaborations include: Johnson & Johnson, Westwood International, Rising Leader Program, Executive Leadership Development, Agriculture Canada, Algonquin Corporate Training, Coral Cea, B&L InfoSystems, Blackburn Media, Travel Media Association, CEPSM, Marcom, Museum of Nature, Nicol + Associates, PMAC, Coach Charrise, TechAlliance, and more.