Mario Zelaya

Mario Zelaya

Global Managing Director, Majestic Media

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About Mario

Mario Zelaya is the Global Managing Director of Majestic Media, North America's first Facebook Marketing & Technology agency.  As a master digital strategist, Mario has worked closely in developing successful campaigns for Kia, Virgin Mobile, Nissan, Sears, Gatorade, Hot Wheels, PwC, General Motors, and many other global companies.  With over 250 national Facebook Marketing campaigns under his belt, Mario is a highly sought after resource in developing social media campaigns for the largest brands in the world.

With an undergraduate and a master's degree in Finance & Economics, Mario has brought an ROI perspective to the digital marketing world by launching Majestic Media, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer. 

As the founder of Majestic Media, Mario took Majestic from a small 2 person shop, to becoming a global digital agency, opening up offices in Argentina and Bulgaria. 

By rebranding and refocusing Majestic to Facebook Marketing, within a year Majestic Media was granted the prestigious Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer status. In the process, Majestic Media became the largest builder of custom Facebook applications in Canada.