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Mila Araujo

Director, Ogilvy Insurance

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About Mila

Mila Araujo is a Social Business Strategist, Speaker and Director at a financial services firm in Montreal, Quebec. Mila has a diverse background in management, public relations, non-profit, and events. In her previous roles, Mila organized international conferences on health care, as well as programs to promote health for seniors and children in partnership with the Government of Canada. In 2009, she worked with Modica Communications on the development of the Centre for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility, part of the Canadian government's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Mila is a contributing author for several online sites, including “12 Most”, Business2Community, “Winning at the Insurance Gamble”, "Grow" and  her own blog "Perspectives". Mila’s lived in Los Angeles, Paris, and Hawaii, and calls Montreal home. Mila is an active member of the social media community and is the Producer of #140 Conference Montreal ( #140MTL).

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