Peter Bell - Performance Lead Marketing

Peter Bell - Performance Lead Marketing

Managing Director, Fuse Lead Marketing

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About Peter

15 years experience helping 100's of brands generate millions of leads and customers has given me a unique insight. This enables me to deploy huge scale lead generation campaigns using cutting edge technology with outstanding results.

A true performance marketer with board level experience specialising in:
✔ Performance Marketing
✔ Lead Gen
✔ Direct Marketing
✔ Media Planning & Buying
✔ Lead Gen Campaign Optimisation
✔ Performance Media Monetisation
✔ Lead Gen Consulting and Training

My promise is to deliver marketers the holy grail of lead generation - High quality leads in massive volumes across every marketing channel.

Specialties: For better results in Lead Generation & Performance Marketing I adopt a unique 'Performance Lead Marketing' approach by fusing together:
✔ Email lead generation
✔ Telephone lead generation
✔ DM lead generation
✔ Display lead generation
✔ Mobile lead generation
✔ Social lead generation
✔ SMS/MMS lead generation
✔ Video lead generation