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About Senay

"Do What You Love ... let me take care of the rest" is my guiding principle and call to action to all those fabulous entrepreneurs and small business owners who are incredibly good at what THEY do, but not so great at branding, strategy and/or marketing. Trust me, it’s okay. I’m not good at accounting so I hire an accountant. The basic idea is that everyone has a gift, talent or natural ability. Mine is all things brand and marketing. If money were no object, this is what I’d be doing. This is my personal passion. I truly enjoy working one-on-one with my clients to help reach their dreams, and the relationships I build are part of that job. As a Toronto small business owner AND marketer, I know firsthand what my clients are facing and treat their business like my own, with a clear intent and a devotion to results. So while you’re out doing what YOU love (selling your products or services), I’ll do what I love (branding and marketing for you).