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About Natalie

I, Natalie Adis, am a bilingual social media consultant and blogger living in Toms River, NJ. I have an MBA in Business Administration from the School of Business at Georgian Court University and a BA in the humanities, from the School of Arts at Georgian Court University. 

Let's face it tweeting, liking, commenting, and blogging all day can be exhausting but, managing it all and creating content is fun.Being a chatterbox by nature, nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating something out of nothing, which is why social media marketing allows me to be myself and help others in the process. 

I not only want you to thrive in the moment, I find that linking business' to target audiences and helping to generate new traffic, makes me feel as if your business is the "creamer to my coffee" every morning. *Side note* I must let you know that I love my coffee, just as much as I love social media marketing.