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About Robin

I started with Plexus Slim Worldwide in October 2011 and my business has grown really fast here lately. I am at the point of going full time in this business. My target date is January 1st 2013. This is a big step for me as I'm giving up the corporate world to have a home business or should I say a business that I can opperate from anywhere.  Plexus gives me that opportunity. My husbands hobby is making websites and doing all sorts of things on the internet that are just to time consuming for me to do. He told me to just let him be my online PR person and he will be happy. He made the Plexus Slim Directory for the team to be listed in.

When you enjoy what you are doing you will never word another day in your life. I totally enjoy Plexus Worldwide and the products have make me a believer in the company. My mother of 74 is much healthier and now has her sugar under control. That's worth being in the business just for that reason but I have many more reasons to go full steam ahead in this business.

I look forward to serving you should you become a customer and if you become an associate I will do everything to help you get started making your 1st $500. From that point on it just gets easier. Feel free to call me at 225-636-0818 to learn more about this business or my website at  http://36170.myplexusopportunity.com/  .

You can also visit my Louisiana Plexus Slim website to learn even more about the business opportunity. At  we will offer you the chance to get a webpage on this website after you get your business growing. The more you grow the more we help you grow!

Thanks for stopping by,
Robin Elsenrath
225-636-0818 or 225-413-8928

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