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Omni-Channel Marketing: Creating the Right Mix for Your Brand


The following is the webinar archive for "Omni-Channel Marketing: Creating the Right Mix for Your Brand." This webinar originally aired on February 2, 2016. Listen to the audio recording and follow along with the slides to learn more:

There is a fine line between an omni-channel marketing strategy and a messy social media presence, and it’s crucial that brands stay squarely on one side of that line. Now that social media has declared its power and is here to stay, there is no need to push your content and message on all channels at once. Good omni-channel marketing tailors content to specific channels and personalizes it for the buyer persona appropriate for that channel. You don’t have to be everywhere at once, but you do have to be several places authentically. In this webinar, you’ll discover that omni-channel is more than a marketing buzzword--that it’s an opportunity to personalize your brand story for more customer loyalty and trust.

Join us as our marketing experts discuss:

  • The balance between shouting your message across channels and tailoring your content for specific channels;
  • Tools to help you manage omni-channel marketing campaigns;
  • How to use customer journey mapping to better understand where and how your customers are active;
  • And how omni-channel can work not just in sales but also in listening, customer care, and analytics.

Martin Jones

Sr. Marketing Manager, Cox Communications

Martin Jones is a Sr. Marketing Manager with the corporate Cox Communications social media team where he leads the social media, content marketing and employee advocacy strategy for Cox Business.

He is the editor of the Cox Business blog and his writing/articles have appeared on Forbes, Inc. Yahoo Small Business Advisor, The...

Jahvita Rastafari

Social Media Manager , Act-On

As the Social Media Manager at Act-On Software, Jahvita engages with customers and influencers on a daily basis through all social channels. Jahvita is a resourceful marketer, previously working at a non- profit she has a way of constantly coming up with creative ways to engage with audiences. Jahvita spends her free time indulging in as many...

Matt Hannaford

Integrated Marketing Analyst, Union+Webster

Matt Hannaford is an Integrated Marketing Analyst with Union+Webster. Prior to Union+Webster he worked as a marketing coordinator with Shentel, a Sprint affiliate, optimizing their social media efforts as well as coordinating local marketing strategies for over 20 stores. Hannaford has also worked in both the radio industry as well as college...

Webinar Date (Eastern Standard Time): 
Tuesday, February 2, 2016 - 12:00pm