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Capture Your Audience: Fill Your Funnel with Engaged Social Leads


This is a podcast for "Capture Your Audience: Fill Your Funnel with Engaged Social Leads." This webinar originally aired on November 13th, 2014. Listen to the podcast to learn more.

Reaching your ideal customers takes knowing who they are, where they are, and meeting them at the right time on the social channels of their choice. Just as they’re moving through life, your content must resonate and evolve with them to capture their attention. Think of it like getting together with close friends. You know what they like to do, where they want to go, what days and times work for their schedule, and whether text or email is the best way to make plans with them. Understanding all this is what it takes to create and nurture a healthy friendship or client-customer relationship.

Let’s get together on this live webinar with our panel. To help you get to know your audience, we’ll talk about:

·      Challenges and best practices to researching your buyer personas

·      Tools and techniques to attract the right customers

·      Transforming your ideal visitors to leads

·      Converting leads to customers

·      Nurturing lasting customers


Daniel Kushner

CEO, Oktopost

Daniel Kushner is the Co-Founder of Oktopost, a marketing expert and social media guru. As the former VP of Marketing at innovative high-tech company Nolio, Daniel grew sales with double digit growth year over year. Daniel has been in the field for more than a decade and has...

Jahvita Rastafari

Social Media Manager , Act-On

As the Social Media Manager at Act-On Software, Jahvita engages with customers and influencers on a daily basis through all social channels. Jahvita is a resourceful marketer, previously working at a non- profit she has a way of constantly coming up with creative ways to engage with audiences. Jahvita spends her free time indulging in as many...

Paul Dunay

Vice President, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Paul Dunay is an award-winning B2B marketing expert with more than 20 years’ success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology, consumer products, financial services and professional services organizations.

Paul is the author of five “Dummies” books: Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley 2009...

Webinar Date (Eastern Standard Time): 
Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 12:00pm