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How to Create a Cultural Model for Effective Social Media Management


This is a podcast for How to Create a Cultural Model for Effective Social Media Management.” This webinar originally aired on December 9th, 2014. Listen to the audio recording to learn more.

Are you leveraging customer conversations in social media to inform strategies and guide the creation of marketing programs? Learn how in our webinar “How to Create a Cultural Model for Effective Social Media Management.” See how the largest brands in the world work across their organization to develop a communications and an engagement framework that incorporates their audience and their brand identity.

Join us to hear how marketing professionals can interact with brand advocates, create an environment that inspires dialogue, and build a brand narrative through shared stories and customer interactions. Social media marketing programs excel when marketers create experiences that capture and reinforce the positive relationship—and feelings—customers already have with their brands. In this compelling, 60-minute webinar, we’ll show you how to:

  •      Create a social presence that resembles your customers’ real world experience with your brand
  •      Develop customer connections based on shared interests and passions
  •      Integrate your brand’s marketing objectives into social media programs
  •      Discover the right balance of brand or product content vs. user generated content
  •      And more

Jason Moriber

Verizon Wireless, Executive Director

Jason is a creative professional who fell into the digital revolution. With the initial goal of teaching cultural economics to Phd students, the immense potential of the Internet was too hard a power to ignore. After embarking on a digital career within start-ups, Jason grew to become a specialist in social/digital strategy, operations and...

Peter Friedman

Founder, Chairman & CEO, LiveWorld

Peter Friedman is a social media visionary and veteran with 30 years of online community and social media experience helping companies engage 1:1 with customers at scale. He is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of LiveWorld, a trusted social media partner to the world’s largest brands, including the number-one companies in retail, CPG,...

Augie Ray

Director - Global Voice of Customer Strategy, Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

For seven years, I have researched, analyzed and blogged about Customer Experience (CX), social media marketing, social business and the collaborative (or sharing) economy. I welcome your feedback on my posts here on Social Media Today or my blog at

My background includes more than 20 years of experience in...

Paul Dunay

Vice President, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Paul Dunay is an award-winning B2B marketing expert with more than 20 years’ success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology, consumer products, financial services and professional services organizations.

Paul is the author of five “Dummies” books: Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley 2009...

Webinar Date (Eastern Standard Time): 
Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 12:00pm