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Real-Time Marketing Is So Last Year: Getting Ahead of Your Real-Time Data


This webinar originally aired on January 13, 2015. Listen to the webinar recording to learn more.

Big Data has alleviated the wait time and allowed companies to identify attributes to make faster decisions and drive real-time decision-making. Can you operate at a rate even faster than real time? 

Join us for this live, one-hour webinar to learn how to get ahead of your real-time data to increase marketing efficiency and conversion rates. Topics will include: 

• Level setting: What does “real-time marketing” mean vs. what some marketers think it means? 
• Why is real-time data no longer sufficient for some organizations? 
• How to create a framework to respond to real-time data before you receive it.


Drew Neisser

Founder & CEO, Renegade

Drew Neisser is founder and CEO of Renegade, the NYC-based agency that helps CMO’s transform marketing from mere messaging to programs of genuine value.  Dubbing this...

Dipayan Gupta

Head of Social Media Marketing and Strategy, New York Life Insurance

Dipayan Gupta leads the social media team at New York Life, where he is responsible for translating 170 years of brand equity to new and emerging platforms. He also works closely with the company's 12,000 agents to #KeepGoodGoing. He holds an M.A. from New York University in Journalism, and a B.A. from Amherst College in Political Science....

Janelle Johnson

Director of Lead Gen, Act-On Software

Janelle Johnson is responsible for everything from email marketing, webinars and content creation to lead generation and nurturing. She is a key player in the development of all processes for lead and pipeline cultivation and maturation, and driving tight alignment between the sales and marketing teams. Janelle has been named to SLMA’s “20...

Paul Dunay

Vice President, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Paul Dunay is an award-winning B2B marketing expert with more than 20 years’ success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology, consumer products, financial services and professional services organizations.

Paul is the author of five “Dummies” books: Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley 2009...

Webinar Date (Eastern Standard Time): 
Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 12:00pm