Optimize Your Mobile App and Acquisition Strategy - Best Practices from AppsFlyer & Twitter

Nov. 4, 2021  • Webinar 2pm ET

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UA managers have long struggled to obtain sufficient data to optimize campaigns on the fly. In the past, the average advertiser would wait 30 days or more from the moment of a campaign’s launch before they could gather sufficient lifetime value (LTV) insights required to make data-driven optimization decisions. Introducing predictive analytic modeling into LTV estimation can speed time-to-insight and enhance decision-making. With Apple’s new privacy-preservation measures, it’s become crucial for marketers to leverage SKAdNetwork technology. Predictive modeling comes in to fill this gap while maintaining user privacy, and has become a must-have for campaign managers looking to understand how they can drive more app downloads or reach larger mobile audiences. 

In this webinar, hosted by Twitter and AppsFlyer, UA managers will gain valuable takeaways on excelling in the ever-evolving app industry. Keynote content will include:

  • How app campaigns have changed since the introduction of SKAdNetwork with iOS 14+
  • New iOS 14+ solutions, including AppsFlyer's predictive analytics and conversion value tools
  • Twitter and the future of app install campaigns with SKAdNetwork