​​The pressure to nail your marketing is higher than ever – competition for the consumer dollar is sky-high, and they’ve grown immune to many of the traditional digital marketing tactics. The key is to focus on quality rather than quantity, but making the switch is daunting when you have dated practices in place.

Consumer lifecycle marketing should play a major role in your marketing in 2022 and beyond, but many retailers have misconceptions about the strategy that keep them from maximizing their outcomes. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll discuss the power of the “marketing sandwich,” as well as:

  • The new digital marketing best practices that will set you apart
  • The reasoning behind quality over quantity, and why it’s so important for reaching consumers today
  • Personalization vs. tailored content
  • Tips for transitioning to lifecycle marketing
  • The role of data in your lifecycle marketing efforts
  • Common challenges and the outcomes you can see when you get lifecycle marketing right