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To post comments, submit content for publication, and use other community features of this site, you need to create a login and fill out your account information. Once registered, you can feed your existing blog posts to the content flow of Social Media Today via RSS, or create posts directly on the site. You can also update your own profile, view other member profiles, leave comments, and connect directly with other members.

Below are simple instructions for getting started. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail us at

Add an avatar image to your profile

Uploading an image for your profile (or avatar) is especially important because, without it, your posts cannot be considered for posting on our site. Your avatar also appears in comments placed on articles.

Once you are signed in as a registered member...

  1. Click the Edit Account link on the right side of the black user navigation bar at the top of the page
  2. Scroll down to the "Picture" field of the profile editing page
  3. Click "Browse" and choose the image you want to use from your hard drive. It's best to use a small (800 pixels or less), square JPEG or PNG image for the avatar. Make sure you're in the center of the image with a bit of a margin for it to look its best.
  4. Now click "Upload," and save the picture
  5. Give it a few minutes once you've saved your profile for the image to appear across the site.
  6. We encourage you to follow the same process in the "Cover Image " field just below to upload a large cover image to appear behind your headshot on your SMT profile.

Add your blog to our incoming feed

Once you have been approved to blog with us, you can add your blog feed to Social Media Today to have your posts automatically sent to our content managers for approval. Please note that post approval is not guaranteed and you must have an avatar image uploaded to your account to be considered. Also note that if the feed gives us content that's not authored by you, it will be deleted. Please note: we strongly prefer articles submitted manually (through the "Create a post" link on your My SMT page) to articles that are submitted through RSS feeds. If you have a timely post that you want to be considered with priority, submit it manually.

  1. From the navigation bar, click on "My SMT." You must be registered, approved to blog, and logged in for this link to be active.
  2. Click on "Add a Feed."
  3. In the "Feed URL" field, paste the URL of your RSS feed. Note: This is not the domain address of your blog but a separate "feed" address.
  4. Feeds for Blogger accounts can be found by appending /feeds/posts/default?alt=rss to the site address
  5. Feeds for Wordpress accounts can be found by appending /?feed=rss2 to your homepage URL.
  6. Information about feeds for Typepad accounts can be found here:
  7. Now click the Save button and your feed will be pulled into the system on the next cycle.

Once the feed is established, the system will automatically pull in your latest posts which will be reviewed by an editor. Please note that posts are not automatically published to the site.

Don't forget to review our terms of use.

Create a post

Once you have been approved to blog with us, you can submit posts directly to the site for consideration. We love to partner with bloggers who provide exclusive content to us by posting directly on our site. The benefits for bloggers include:

  • Access to our audience
  • Increased visibility and recognition
  • We promote our authors and their content
  • Preferential page position

Be aware that material posted directly to our site is moderated for quality just like all the submissions we receive. We ask that all posts created directly on our site be provided to us on an exclusive basis for a minimum of 14 days after the post is completed, and that authors honor this exclusive time frame even if we do not publish your post immediately.

  1. When logged in, click My SMT from the black user navigation bar.
  2. Click on "Create a Post."
  3. Type a title of your post in the Title text box, and upload an image as the thumbnail (500h x 300w works best). This is the image that will be associated with your post on our main pages as well as for social sharing.
  4. In the main text box, write or paste your post and add formatting including headlines, styles, and links. If you wrote your post in Microsoft Word or another word processing program, make sure to use the "Paste from Word" button to remove embedded styles. Embed any images you would like to embed (we strongly encourage at least one image per post).
  5. Select one of the following categories from the drop-down menu: Marketing, Social Business, Social Networks, Technology & Data.
    • When you are finished, scroll down and click Save. This will add the post to our moderation queue for approval. Please note that all posts are not published on the site. You will be alerted if your post is published, but if it is not published within 5 business days, it means our moderators have passed. Due to sheer volume, we cannot address reasons that something may not have been published, but check our blogger’s guide for tips that could improve your chances of being published.

    Don't forget to review our terms of use.

    Changing your username

    Once you are signed in as a registered member...

    1. Click Edit Account on the top right
    2. Adjust what you would like in the "Username" field
    3. Scroll down, click Save

    Setting your RSS feed to "full" (instead of "summary")

    In order to publish your post, we need to have the complete post come to us via RSS. You may have your feed set to summary and not realize it. To check:

    Feedburner users

    1. Log into Feedburner.
    2. Click on the feed name that you've added to this site.
    3. Click on the Optimize tab.
    4. On the submenu on the left, click on Summary Burner.
    5. This service should be Inactive. If it is active, deactivate it.

    Wordpress users

    1. Log into your Wordpress blog.
    2. In the menu on the left, click Settings.
    3. Below the Settings option, click on Reading.
    4. "For each article in a feed, show" should be set to Full text. If it is not, make the change and click Save changes at the bottom.

    Blogger users

    1. Log into your Blogger account.
    2. For the blog you've sign up on our site, click the Settings link.
    3. Click the Site Feed tab.
    4. "Blog Posts Feed" should be set to Full. If it's set to anything else, make that change and click Save Settings at the bottom.

    Typepad users

    1. Log into your Typepad account.
    2. Go to Settings, then Feeds.
    3. Make sure your "Feed Content" setting is Full Posts.

    View, edit, or delete your feeds

    If you added an incorrect feed to the system or need to change your feed URL, the steps below will help you fix your feed issues.

    Once you are signed in as a registered member...

    1. Click the Profile link on the top right.
    2. Click "Your Feeds" in the light gray user menu.
    3. All the feeds you've added to this site will appear.
    4. If you need to change the URL or title, click "Edit," make the changes, and click "Save."
    5. If you need to delete your feed, click "Delete" and confirm the change.
    6. If your feed URL is correct and you don't see your latest post published here or unpublished here, click the "Refresh" link.