Putting Conversation Back into Commerce

Can the impact of in-store engagement be re-created online?

Today’s tech-savvy online consumers expect more from their shopping experience. Just like being face-to-face in a store, they crave a personalized shopping journey. Can guided, contextual, dialogue-based engagement yield results and build loyalty online?

Forrester Research recently published a case study exploring how Al technology is being applied in online shopping to mimic the expertise and efficiency of talking to an in-store expert. In this webinar, leading eCommerce business expert, Brendan Witcher, dives deep into Forrester’s latest research to shed some light on this important topic. Joining him are Klay Huddleston of IBM and Arnie Leap of 1-800-FLOWERS.

This webinar will cover:

  • How Al technology is helping shoppers find the perfect product or service online
  • How personalized, contextual conversations are becoming the norm expected by consumers
  • How data from across an organization can enrich the conversation and improve the quality of the interactions over time