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social startups

December 24, 2014
You have the content and the tools to publish it, and you also have the tools to measure it once it’s out there, but the missing piece is always the WHAT - what content should you share? Using analytics beforehand can solve that particular problem, but dealing with big data can be a different kind of headache altogether.
December 17, 2014
The challenge marketers face today is finding a direct pathway between the engaged consumer and the marketing process, a way to give those consumers a voice that matters throughout the process. Say hello to Crowdtap!
social startups crowdtap
December 10, 2014
In the “collaborative economy,” questions and answers are currency. For an interactive question and answer platform -- where you can ask the community for suggestions on anything from the best Christmas gift for your sister’s boyfriend to the best slow jams to listen to while in bed -- the site GirlsAskGuys.com shows promise.
social startups girlsaskguys
December 03, 2014
If you've ever walked into a store and just stared at the aisles of goods without a clue where to start, then aisle411 and their indoor mapping software have got good news for you.
social startups aisle411
November 26, 2014
“Having spent a number of years in the digital video space, we saw there was a huge opportunity to work with companies who understand a video’s performance is tracked by more than just views,” said Jonathan Stefansky, co-founder and CEO of the Israel-based platform, Viewbix.
November 12, 2014
"Gamification has lost its appeal," said serial entrepreneur Alex Haditaghi, CEO and founder of MoPals (OTCQB: PALS), a rare publicly traded startup and first-ever crowdsourced loyalty program. "While Yelp, TripAdvisor, and FourSquare have built multi-billion dollar businesses collecting customer reviews, those writing them get nothing in return, except a worthless badge." MoPals appeals to this fragmented market by becoming the first loyalty program to reward its members for their feedback and social media interactions.
October 30, 2014
“While existing social networks provide an effective way for publishers to reach new users and drive traffic to their website, Spot.IM gives site owners the ability to keep those users, and the conversation they have, in the place where the content was created,” said Nadav Shoval, CEO and co-founder of the first distributed social network.
October 22, 2014
If pictures can improve or worsen your online reputation, can you build genuine social connections without knowing what someone looks like from the outside? That’s what Nick Soman set out to discover after he recovered from an illness that kept him lonely and isolated in the hospital for four months.
October 15, 2014
“When you understand who your audience is and the kind of content they read, it's a lot easier to consistently write content that will connect with them. Until now, I'd argue, there isn't one tool that can reveal who your audience is and provide you with a tool to write for them,” asserted Ira Haberman, director of marketing for Atomic Reach.
October 08, 2014
Gone are the days of calling your local beauty or fashion store to find out if they have a product in stock. “We hope, as the user base grows, to be known as the social, local, mobile site for fashion and beauty,” said Louis Fong, co-founder of Stylby.me, the San Jose-based niche social platform.