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August 26, 2016
Social media marketing can be a great way to promote your latest app - if it's used in the right way.
4 Tips for Effectively Promoting Your Latest App Using Social Media | Social Media Today
August 19, 2016
Facebook has released a new, teens only app called "Lifestage", which is essentially Zuckerberg's "all video" vision for the future of the platform brought to life.
Facebook’s Released Another New App to Appeal to Teen Users | Social Media Today
August 18, 2016
How can Snapchat's acquisition of search app Vurb help them expand their offering? Contributor Justin Kerby examines in this post.
snapchat justin kerby vurb
August 04, 2016
The success of Pokemon GO provides a range of lessons for marketers - here are five considerations from contributor Ronnie Charrier.
July 22, 2016
Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm - but how can your organization use the massive interest in the app to advantage?
Pokémon GO: 6 Easy Digital Marketing Ideas | Social Media Today
July 14, 2016
Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, but it's communicative and social benefits may be it's most important feature, as explained by contributor Janet Fouts.
The Social Brilliance of Pokémon Go | Social Media Today
July 06, 2016
Snapchat has announced a major new update with the addition of a new 'Memories' section for saved Snaps.
Snapchat Adds “Memories”, a Major Expansion of the Platform’s Offering | Social Media Today
June 28, 2016
Snapchat is arguably the most popular social media app around today. H ere’s a quick getting-started guide to show you the basics.
June 21, 2016 has emerged as the hot new place where today’s youth gather online to create, listen to, and share music-based videos with each other. is Dominating the Social World of Teens | Social Media Today
June 17, 2016
LinkedIn recently re-vamped their mobile app, improving the functionality and user-experience. This post looks at how to make best use of the app's various features.
Don’t Use LinkedIn Mobile App Without Knowing These Tips | Social Media Today