June 28, 2016
Snapchat is arguably the most popular social media app around today. H ere’s a quick getting-started guide to show you the basics.
June 21, 2016 has emerged as the hot new place where today’s youth gather online to create, listen to, and share music-based videos with each other. is Dominating the Social World of Teens | Social Media Today
June 17, 2016
LinkedIn recently re-vamped their mobile app, improving the functionality and user-experience. This post looks at how to make best use of the app's various features.
Don’t Use LinkedIn Mobile App Without Knowing These Tips | Social Media Today
June 07, 2016
Twitter has unveiled a new look for it's Android app, with new top bar navigation and side-to-side swipe motion to access features.
Twitter Unveils New Look for Android | Social Media Today
June 01, 2016
This infographic from Salesforce , looks at some of the smaller social media apps and communities which are worth paying attention to in 2016 .
10 Smaller Social Media Apps Poised To Break Out In 2016 [Infographic] | Social Media Today
May 24, 2016
A good extension can save you a heap of time - and this post outlines seventy of them, all with their own specific use-cases and benefits.
Chrome extensions for marketers
May 15, 2016
Here's a listing of 10 free tools that can simplify and enhance your content creation efforts.
10 Free Content Creation Apps You Need Now | Social Media Today
May 12, 2016
Building an app may be pricey, but retaining users and ensuring that they' re active and engaged costs brands something, too.
5 Tips to Make Your App a Huge Success [Infographic] | Social Media Today
May 02, 2016
Your web design and online ma rketing team can do a lot to help your software company grow, but it's going to be a lot more successful if you have a good sense of what your business model looks like.
So You Want to Build and App Do You? | Social Media Today
April 20, 2016
Every week there seems to be a new social app trending - some are worthy of the hype, most are not. Here are three new apps that are worth a look.
new social apps