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November 06, 2016
Research has shown that male anf female users communicate very differently on social media - but what are the reasons behind this?
Gender-Specific Behaviors on Social Media and What They Mean for Online Communications | Social Media Today
August 26, 2015
We spend a lot of time talking about general trends in social media. How many adults are on Facebook, the top messaging apps among teens -- but the data is actually more splintered than that. In particular, when you look more closely at the data, there is quite the disparity in what men and women are up to online.
July 02, 2015
When the Girl Scouts of Western Washington were asked to return $100,000 to a donor for supporting transgender girls, they turned to IndieGoGo to make up what they lost.
every girl girl scouts transgender
June 10, 2015
Vice Presidents Jennifer Bailey and Susan Prescott were the first women to speak at Apple's worldwide developer conference since 2007.
apple wwdc women
June 04, 2015
Men are more likely to use "traditional" tags, while women are more likely to use "expressive" tags.
gender hashtag study
April 14, 2015
Gen Z is the social native generation. Listening to these post-Millennial kids, one gets a sense of their innate understanding and curiosity of what it’s like to be living in an anachronistic media world obfuscated by gender-stereotyping—their attitudes about gender stereotypes on a head-on collision course with mainstream media.
gender social native
October 21, 2014
It started as an episode of revenge porn. An angry ex-boyfriend posts a blog flaming his former girlfriend, accusing her of infidelity and leveling charges that she exchanged sex for favorable reviews of her work (a video game called Depression Quest and a review that apparently was never written).
October 03, 2014
Did you know that, 3 in 4 internet users use social media, and that a higher percentage of women (76%) use social networking sites than men (72%). Women have 55 percent more posts on their Facebook walls than men, and they have 8 percent more friends than men. Which proves that behind a successful social networking site stands millions of great women.
August 28, 2014
The popular image-sharing network has risen in popularity since its inception. But it still features a disproportionately high ratio of female versus male users. Pinterest and its fans are making efforts to rectify this phenomenon, but how can you do so without resorting to gender-based stereotypes?
September 02, 2013
Are men from Goggle+ and women from Twitter? Are women from Pinterest and men from LinkedIn? Not entirely. But there are trends in social media use that depend on gender. This infographic gives the lay of the land. Where is the demographic that you are targeting?