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lead generation

January 30, 2017
Lead magnets are critical for growing your email list. In this post, Barry Feldman outlines some key tips for making your lead magnets more enticing.
Lead Magnet Ideas, Titles and Templates to Grow Your Email List | Social Media Today
August 31, 2016
Twitter can generate qualified leads at a lower cost than most of the other major ad platforms. It's true, but not if you follow Twitter's instructions. Why? Because Twitter's advice for creating lead generation cards is completely wrong.
August 21, 2016
Turning qualified inbound leads into new accounts can be harder than it may seem. Here's a strategy to help better understand your leads and how to convert them.
Use The 3 Buckets Strategy To Convert Leads | Social Media Today
May 29, 2016
This infographic highlights some of the key stats around using social media for lead generation, along with data-backed advice on how to make best use of the major platforms for this purpose.
Social Media Strategy for Lead Generation [Infographic] | Social Media Today
May 20, 2016
While there are great opportunities for generating leads and conversions via social, it takes work and effort to get to that stage. Here are three tips to help you develop your social selling capacity.
3 Tips to Help Maximize Your Social Selling Efforts | Social Media Today
May 13, 2016
The purpose of a lead magnet is to inspire the people who are consuming your content to get on your email list. In this post, Barry Feldman explains the details of an effective lead magnet, and how to construct one.
10 Effective Lead Magnets to Magnify Your Email List | Social Media Today
May 07, 2016
Want to generate new prospects, clients and sales from your social media efforts? Then you need to be using a lead magnet - here are some tips.
6 Elements of a High Converting Lead Magnet | Social Media Today
May 03, 2016
What technologies work together? Which technologies are must-haves vs nice-to-haves? What are the main categories of technologies that B2B marketers need?
What a High Performing MarTech Stack Looks Like | Social Media Today
October 12, 2015
Most B2B content marketers strive to generate leads through content marketing. The degree of success is largely influenced by the strategy. In a recent podcast recording with Guillaume Decugis, CEO of! we looked at the three pivotal elements of lead generation through content marketing.
A Guide to B2B Lead Generation Through Content Marketing
October 19, 2015
This survey is particularly interesting because they talk with a significant number of SMBs to generate the results. Their conclusions were crystal clear: local search is where the action is at, and the lowest ROI was from display and Bing ads. Let’s review their results:
local search is top marketing priority for small business owners