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March 29, 2015
“Customer service is the new marketing.” I’ve probably tweeted that a dozen times, and I think about it almost every day. But social media conferences – and the practitioners who attend them – have continued to be divided into two tribes as if they were playing Survivor : the Marketing tribe and the Customer Service tribe.
March 27, 2015
For most brands now, social media is key. It reflects their personality. The chance to engage, react, promote. They can tackle problems instantly and get good press in the process. They can also go viral – brands love that. Sometimes it’s not even from the brand themselves. Adam Paterson, an employee of ASDA, recently proved that...
March 27, 2015
Using ROI as a metric to measure the success of social media is problematic. Not only does social not deliver statistically great ROI stats compared to other channels it also doesn’t consider assisted conversions and intangible (but super valuable) benefits. Social media is about conversation not broadcast. But just because an activity doesn’t have tangible ROI, doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.
March 26, 2015
Looking for newer avenues to explore and foster relationships is essential and one tool that would help you achieve new customers with little monetary investment is through blogging. All big and small businesses alike have made maintaining an active company blog as one of their top most priority, and they are now even managing to get an infusion of new customers for their products and services.
Delight Your Customers
March 25, 2015
Video provides immediate gratification Consumers are a busy bunch and don’t always have time to read long missives about what makes a brand so amazing. In fact, some studies show that affluent customers prefer video advertising over any other type of digital ad. People want to be engaged, entertained, and informed -- the quicker and more concise, the better. Video marketing allows you to reach your target audience in ways print or audio advertisements can’t.
March 25, 2015
70% of B2B marketers plan on creating more content in 2015 than they did the previous year, according to the 2015 Content Marketing Report. It's a great goal but it does suggest a new problem - how to create all that new content? As content manager for a B2B business blog it is something that I can certainly resonate with. Here I'll address some of the ways to solve that challenge.
B2B Business Blog
March 25, 2015
If you’re in a small company, have a simple discussion with the leadership team. Ask them what types of social media related issues they want to be informed about urgently. By urgently I mean outside of normal reporting routines (yes you need to have a normal reporting routine, and no, annual reporting is not acceptable – go for bi-monthly at the longest). After you figure out what the leadership wants to hear about, make sure that you have the authority to seek help from them whenever you need it, and especially if you feel like you're out of your element.
7 Survial Tips for the Solo Social Media Strategist
March 25, 2015
Many sales people think they don’t have the time in their daily or weekly schedule to do social selling the proper way. The reality is, once you get down a routine, it will only require about 15-20 minutes per day… preferably in the beginning of your day, of networking, content, and posting. Those few minutes per day can be big gains later down the road.
5 Misconceptions About Social Selling
March 24, 2015
At long last, some 1.5 million brands on Facebook will soon get access to the vast amounts of data that has been stored with the launch of the platform’s Topic Data offering. By licensing the data to DataSift, Facebook will use Topic Data to give brands in the US and UK a wealth of insights to better-understand how people are talking about or using their products. Data that includes users’ public and private information, hashtags, links, comments, likes and shares will all be aggregated and anonymized and served to brands on a silver platter.
March 24, 2015
It's still early to predict whether Meerkat will be adopted by the masses. For now, Meerkat seems to have designed a social network that integrates the latest trends in digital marketing - mobile, consumable, personal, and seamless. As always, using a new platform is nice but understanding its strengths to provide consistent value will determine a brands success on Meerkat or any other social marketing channel.