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social data

May 03, 2016
Social media intelligence is emerging as an innovative approach to understanding customers, markets and competitors to inform business decision-making, but social intelligence is not easy to achieve.
8 Steps to Better Social Intelligence [Infographic] | Social Media Today
April 30, 2016
Now that Game of Thrones is back on air and fans of the show are reacting to the first episode of season 6 , our data visualization team decided to do a quick analysis of how people are reacting to it.
How Twitter Responded to the Latest Episode of Game of Thrones | Social Media Today
March 31, 2016
What were the top performing brands on social last week? Tania Yuki provides the latest data from Shareablee.
Citi and President Obama See Growth on Social Last Week | Social Media Today
March 30, 2016
What can social media data tell us about the NCAA March Madness tournament - and can it be used as a measure to predict the eventual winner?
What Does Social Chatter Tell Us About the Final Four? | Social Media Today
March 29, 2016
While the evolution social platforms in itself is a major shift, it's more important to consider the wider, social evolution behind the growth of social networks, and the part that plays in the future of communications.
Social Media is a Behavioral Shift, Not a Broadcast Medium | Social Media Today
March 17, 2016
In the latest weekly social media numbers from Shareablee, Bleacher Report, NBA, Calvin Klein and Esurance come out on top in total mentions across Twitter.
Calvin Klein, Bleacher Report and NBA Top Last Week’s Twitter Ranking | Social Media Today
March 02, 2016
While businesses have a general understanding of the value of big data analytics for insights, it can be trickier for marketers to explain the various ways social analytics reporting can benefit the bottom line. Here are three ways to display some common big data angles to help visualize their context.
Do You Have the Context You Need? Unlocking the Value of Big Data in Marketing | Social Media Today
February 18, 2016
For the week of February 8 – February 14, 2016, U.S. brands captured 84.4 million total actions (likes and retweets ) from tweets published on Twitter. Here are the brands that topped the rankings.
October 17, 2015
Data is everywhere in the modern world. Almost every interaction touches, in some way, a digital communications medium, meaning it can be tracked, it can be saved and it can be logged for analysis and reference. Given that, it stands to reason that we should be able to ascertain predictive patterns from such insights - but how deep can predictive analysis get?
Can Twitter Data be Used to Predict Elections? | Social Media Today
October 08, 2015
The U.S. Geological Survey ( USGS ) is a government organization that tracks earthquakes and their impacts across the world using a variety of means, including Twitter data. And how they use that social media input provides some lessons for marketers on how they can use that same data to refine their messaging.
What Marketers Can Learn from How Tweets are Used to Track Earthquakes | Social Media Today