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May 02, 2015
Are you marketing your business on Twitter? If not, you should seriously consider getting started. According to Lori Taylor, the average Twitter user follows five or more businesses. Over a third (37%) of Twitter users will buy from a brand they follow. Here’s how to use Twitter like a pro.
twitter pro use
May 02, 2015
As the the “new media on the block”, social video has caused many marketers to develop a severe case of shiny object syndrome. But like with most strategies, you may want to consider an approach that’s designed to take full advantage of the unique features each channel has to offer. While there are many ways to use Twitter video to drive results, we wanted to focus on how to combine it with a campaign type that is exclusive to The Bird—Flock to Unlock.
May 01, 2015
If you’re looking to promote your business or brand through social media (and who isn’t?!), then Twitter is the place to be in 2015. Generally speaking I’ve seen Facebook as the best fit for most businesses over the last few years, but Twitter is taking huge steps to catch or even surpass Facebook.
April 29, 2015
While influencer marketing skyrockets in popularity, many marketers are left swimming in its murky waters, trying to figure out how to do blogger outreach, how to double up with engagement on social media, and how to track all of their efforts. Here’s how to combine blogger research, tracking, and social media engagement all at once.
April 28, 2015
We now have four official candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination, three Republicans and one Democrat. Each of them used Twitter to promote their announcements. How they used it varies tremendously among them. It is too soon to tell if their initial Twitter splash ( twash ?) is indicative of things to come, but the contrasts in tactics and results are striking.
April 28, 2015
Twitter-based marketing isn't easy, but there are certain elements that are part and parcel of every Twitter marketing campaign. If you keep them in mind, you can optimize Twitter marketing deliverables for your business.
April 27, 2015
If you haven’t thought about incorporating Twitter video into your social marketing strategy, there are plenty of good reasons to start. But as with most tools, you need a little know-how to use them to get the biggest benefit. So, if you have no idea where to start, try these 9 great ways to get the Twitterverse a flutter with talk about your content.
April 25, 2015
Social media sites such as Twitter are always walking that fine line between allowing free speech and protecting their users against abusive tweets. As you can imagine, with the number of users Twitter has on their site on a daily basis in combination with the number of tweets sent, protecting users’ rights without stepping on the rights of someone else is a challenge.
twitter algorithm
April 24, 2015
Let’s be honest – it’s pretty much impossible to know that you don’t know something that you don’t know. That’s why we’ve collected a list of our favorite little-known, hidden, or long-forgotten features on Facebook and Twitter.
April 22, 2015
Twitter has been one busy little bird this spring. While Twitter updates are not uncommon, it’s worth noting that this month alone, everyone’s favorite microblogging platform has released four significant updates to various feature sets. Do you know what they are?