Betsy Kent

President, Be Visible Associates |

I'm Betsy Kent, an Internet Marketing expert, president of Be Visible Associates. I was one of the first people in the New York metro area to work with small businesses and help them implement Internet marketing programs. In fact, I began so long ago that I remember when Yahoo was the biggest search engine and Google was just getting started. I have personally worked with hundreds of new and experienced business owners from at least 50 different industries and have experience in Search marketing, SEO, Social Media, blogging, and website development.

I'm best known for my ability to cut through the clutter and convey complex concepts in ways that "non-techy" people can "get it." After all, I'm not a 25-year old who grew up with the web. I understand the frustrations that business people face when it comes to the Internet and that's why my blog "Just Ask Betsy" and my Facebook Page is full of helpful tips written in language that anyone can understand.

My greatest realization from working with so many entrepreneurs over the years is that there are thousands of people out there struggling with their websites, confused about blogging, and mystified by Social Media. I have managed a zillion online marketing programs, written hundreds of blog posts, and taught innumerable people how to understand how the web actually operates. I can help.

Today I focus all my energy on teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses using the web through live virtual group programs and private consulting.